Why Do Harley Davidson Make It Difficult To Add Electrical Accessories

Why Do Harley Davidson Make It Difficult To Add Electrical Accessories – Here I discuss the awkward nature of adding electrical accessories to H-D motorcycles and how they could make the process so much easier for riders which would also encourage greater sales of their electrical accessories.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Harley Davidson Make It Difficult To Add Electrical Accessories

  1. Totally agree with your thread here! It is absolutely ridiculous for this to happen. I myself have a 2020 sport glide and I recently ordered some RRI (Rogue Rider) LED lamps for the bike because these lamps gave the bike more visibility, especially in the front since the bullet lights they have on both front and rear are not very big.
    What really makes it worse IMO, is that the front turn signal lights use a 1157 bulb and the rear ones do not. How stupid is that! The 1157 bulbs are used as brake , turn and flashers and have been around for decades.
    I had ordered both a front and rear set of LED lamps from RRI because they had what would fit the bike. However, I got a call from RRI asking me to confirm that the rear lights were the same as the front. I checked and of course, that was not the case. The 1157 bulbs should have been in the rear instead of the front. So I had to cancel the order for the rear lamps.
    These LED lamps are really bright, even in daylight and that helps me be seen on the road!
    I would like to get the same for the rear but the rear is not a plug and play bulb so to speak. You would have to do some “electrical” mods to get that done.
    HD says that those lamps are LED in the rear, but they are no way near the brightness of the ones in the front. I would appreciate if you have any input you could share with me about how I may be able to change the rear lamps on the sport glide with a better LED plug and play for better visibility and safety. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Steven. So it really depends which market you bought the bike and what the difference is between the front and rear bulbs. You could have both 1157s or 1156 & 1157. Watch this video https://youtu.be/OYSFT1FjkUQ
      To change the rear, they are sealed units, so you would have to change the whole wiring and fitment inside. You’re best bet there would be to get replacement LED front and rear signals. H-D do a set now I believe but you can go aftermarket instead. Cheers

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