“When you can think of nothing else but writing…then you are a writer!” – Somebody said that!

There have been few things that have lasted the test of my life thus far, but motorcycling has been a constant. It allows me to breathe and undoubtedly and will continue to do so until the breathing stops.

I’ve enjoyed exploring my creative interests over the years with writing, photography, art & design and videography too, which are now focussed in producing content for this blog and my YouTube channel: RevelatorAlf


On the motorcycling themes I had operated a motorcycle safety campaign for over ten years; HELI BIKES, published articles and magazines: The Lancelot & DURO RIDER Gazette as well as operating DURO RIDER Media. These all provided a vehicle for me to publicise my motorcycling passions and creativity.

My personal motorcycling has never been staked in one place or genre. I simply enjoy all forms and designs, pastimes & sports…but mostly nowadays I am exploring my relationship with my Harley Davidson motorcycle and sharing my thoughts, concepts, passions and adventures about my two wheeled life… ‘A Biker’s Life Less Ordinary’

Much of the creative content is found on my YouTube/RevelatorAlf channel and is shared across this website and social media too. I am constantly developing ideas for new videos and written works as well as gorging on any motorcycling experiences.

Being able to share biking thoughts, ideas, experiences and my workshop antics has become a real treat but an all consuming affair. For as long as I am able, I’ll continue to ride, build and share.

Enjoy The Show!