I cannot get enough of motorbikes…any bike, anywhere and anytime. I’ve been that way since I was a boy, whether riding them on the dirt or the road. I would often break them but also wanted to fix them too. 

I’ve ridden all sorts of bikes over the years and I’ve been able to develop media projects in that time too, from radio stations, publicity campaigns, motorcycle magazines, media & website production, writing & photography, video & audio and latterly into the world of content creation.

Motorcycles, football and big tools to play with in my workshop are usually what keep the cogs turning these days and I’m always looking to evolve the content I produce, but for now most of my efforts are focussed in producing content for this blog and my YouTube channel: RevelatorAlf 


My personal motorcycling has never been staked in one place or genre. I simply enjoy all forms and designs, pastimes & sports…but mostly nowadays I am exploring my relationship with my Harley Davidson motorcycle and sharing my thoughts, concepts, passions and adventures about my two wheeled life… ‘A Biker’s Life Less Ordinary’ as well as other indulgences.

Much of the creative content is found on my YouTube/RevelatorAlf Channel and is shared across this website and social media too. I am constantly developing ideas for new videos and written works as well as gorging on any motorcycling experiences, so watch this space for the next thing.



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