I am currently expanding the types of content that I like to make. Still very much involved with motorcycle media with this website and @RevelatorAlf YouTube channel however I am also producing Sports Reaction content on @OnMeEdSun and Social Commentary on @AlfGasparro

Here you will find motorcycle industry and lifestyle news as well as other biking topics and information. The website features blogs posts with news on the very latest motorcycle models and specifications, new products, innovations and technology as well as topical motorcycle points of view.

My personal motorcycling has never been staked in one place. I just love all forms and designs, pastimes & sports. I spend most of my time sharing my thoughts and adventures about my two wheeled life, riding my current bike into unusual places and still finding some time to tinker with project bikes in the workshop.

I’ve ridden all sorts of bikes over the years and I’ve been able to develop media projects in that time too, from radio stations, publicity campaigns, motorcycle magazines, media & website production, writing & photography, video & audio and latterly into the world of content creation.

Motorcycles & Campers, Sports Reaction and Big Discussion Topics are usually what keep the cogs turning these days, but for now most of my efforts are focussed in producing content for this website and my YouTube channels: @RevelatorAlf @OnMeEdSun @AlfGasparro

Hope to see you down the road or on the trail.