The best addition you can make to your new bike for 2022? Hex ezCan!

When we buy a new motorcycle, it can almost be the complete article for our wishes but invariably we end up buying some additional components or accessories just to add a little bit more to make it ‘perfect’ for our rides.

Most people would look to seat, tyres, exhausts, handlebar height as initial alterations and then move onto some performance tweak if so desired. However at some point there might be the need or rather the wish to add some form of electrical device to the bike, be that a GPS, phone mount etc…and this is where it can get interesting.

More and more motorcycle manufacturers are making it increasingly difficult to make alterations within the warranty period without incurring a void. Any performance upgrade can nullify the warranty or would start to cause many arguments should something go awry on the machine.

Electrical accessories may require some form of tapping into the wiring loom in order to get power to where you want it…and this in itself can cause major problems especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Even if you are successful, then the mere work undertaken and the interference with the loom may void any future warranty claims should problems occur whether associated or not.

I know that in most bike I have ever owned, one of the first things I do will be to add some electrical device, whether it be extra lighting, power outlets etc. If I want piece of mind and the ability to get the job done quickly, then the best system I have come across and now use is an accessories manager.

This electrical manager which piggy backs onto your electrical system and does not void a warranty (because you’re not cutting into any wires) can be used to power all sorts of electrical devices and it is now the first thing I would buy with any new motorcycle purchase if I could find one that is compatible.

I have made videos about fitting the Hex Innovate product to my Harley-Davidson bike and it made all the difference to the way I power electrical devices but also how I test them before fitting them too. The HEX ezCan is also the tool that enables me to regulate how much power is being used by all fo the accessories at any one time, so it is a full time manager in every sense of the word.

Now this company also produce this system for BMW and KTM bikes, but there are other companies that may be producing similar systems for whatever bike you are riding too, so it is well worth doing some research, especially before digging into your wiring harness and voiding your warranty.

But regardless of whether your bike is still within the warranty period or not, the beauty of this system is that it is a simple plug and play. No headaches, no risks to your bike and it will power your accessories and give you full control over them too.

So if I were to buy a brand new motorcycle in 2022, the number one purchase in addition to the bike would be one of these systems. It will future proof anything I want to add to the bike and enable me to get extra electrical equipment onto the bike without causing issues.

It’s well worth doing your research on this. I don’t make a habit of promoting products but this is truly well worth the free plug.

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