Should bikers ride bicycles?

Ah if you’re a real biker, then surely you only ride motorbikes? Bicycles are for those who only wish they could ride motorbikes…right?


I’ve always been a keen two wheeler. Let’s face it as kids we pretty much all started on bicycles of one description or another but those push bikes have come a long way now and the prices of some of them are eye watering too.

So much has the bicycle market increased that it has become a boom industry in the pandemic years but now the supplies are also in short supply because of resources and labour displacement too.

The technology on these things has increased tenfold…even motorcycle companies are now bringing out bicycles and electric bicycles. Almost a complete reversal for some whilst others like Triumph are just getting back to their Victorian roots.

If truth be known I have not been a consistent cyclist over the years. In fact as soon as I could drive or ride motorbikes legally on the roads, I ditched the push bike in favour of motorised options. I did return to them for exercise in later life, but the last bike I bought was some twenty years ago and well, it had seen better days.

Last year I thought I would make a bicycle rack for my motorbike just for a bit of fun. It was a little shoddy and cumbersome but it did work. However having my rusty old bike on the back of my Harley was not something I really wanted to repeat. I also noted that it would take a long time to strap it on and take it off, so I needed a better bike and a better system.

I have also been looking at bikes to thrown in the back of my truck or on the back of my camper for days away with the family and dog…or just the dog. The bicycle seems to be the most appropriate option at this stage, however the search for a lightweight motorised bike, whether electric or petrol driven continues.

Do real bikers ride bicycles? Well this one does!

Just for a bit of leisurely exercise at least it is perfect however as many dirt trails here in the UK are off limits to motorcycles and electric dirt bikes, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in another bicycle to go ride and explore a little more off the beaten track with my dog in toe too.

The only problem I have had is being able to source a bike in my size and colour preference as they have been in high demand for two years and are in short supply too.

However today I managed to get one from Decathlon…no plug intended and I’m not getting a commission for mentioning them either. However they were the ones that offered a reasonable price, had one in stock but the only drawback was it is in day glow yellow. Well at least they’ll see me coming in the dark.

Of course I’ll not be abandoning my first love of motorbikes of all descriptions but if I have to do any exercise, then apart from walking and some occasional swimming, cycling is the only other option I enjoy.

Don’t worry I won’t be making too many cycling videos but perhaps if I can make a better cycle carrier for my Harley, then I may just share that one…or the 2.0 version.

Life on two wheels rolls on…

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