Motorcycle Rucksack – How To Wear A Rucksack

Motorcycle rucksack tips – Is it the right choice?

Motorcycle Rucksack Pros and Cons

The motorcycle rucksack on a motorcycle dilemma! How to fend off fatigue when Riding with a rucksack on a motorcycle?

There are pros and cons for riding a motorbike with a motorcycle rucksack on your back. But I tend to ride with one a a lot especially when riding to work and back.

So I explain my technique in wearing a motorcycle rucksack whilst riding my motorcycle and how I don’t suffer with back or shoulder pain at any stage.

Best Options

Which is the best option for riding a bike when needing to carry items with you.

Is it better to use side boxes or panniers, or soft luggage or even a top box, or simply use a motorcycle rucksack or a combination of the two

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Motorcycle Luggage Option

I’ve been riding with both rucksacks and motorcycle luggage for a number of years and simply put, they all have benefits and disadvantages too.

With a rucksack, your time is much more efficient. Simply hop on and off again.

Pack your belongings with you, strap it to your back and away you go with easy access should you need to stop. However…

There is always the question of safety when riding and should you have a crash, will you be more likely to have more severe injuries with a rucksack?

In truth I cannot say which is more safer but I focus more on safe riding and my own riding habits.

Rather than what benefits to safety having a rucksack on your back will or will not have.

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