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  • Harleys Not To Buy! Best & Worst?
    Harleys Not To Buy. Which Harley Davidson bikes that I would not buy? In general I would ride any bike, anywhere and anytime. However there are Harleys not to buy because riding and buying a bike are two different things. So here I talk about the Harleys I would not buy and why. It is … Read more
  • Kawasaki Versys 1000 S | Best Rain Mode
    Versys 1000 S – I Rode A Kawasaki Versys 1000 S which could quite possibly have the best rain riding mode of any bike I have ridden to date. Additionally. The Versys 1000 comes in 3 variants. The base model Versys 1000, the Versys S and the Versys SE. Each model Versys 1000 can be … Read more
  • How I Became A Martian Biker
    Martian Biker. How I became a martian biker? Well many years ago I was living in the USA and came across this guy who decided to lay claim to the Universe and was legally allowed to do so. Albeit a contentious thing to do and questionably legal, if only ever consider for fun, I decided … Read more
  • Dealership Lies | Lying To A Salesperson
    Dealership Lies. Is Lying To A Motorcycle Salesperson the best way to go if you want to test ride a  motorcycle. Or should you tell the whole truth all of the time. Additionally. Dealership Lies and Benefits Firstly. As yourself what benefit there is to dealership lies. Does it help you in any way to … Read more
  • I Rode A BMW K1600 Grand America
    I get to ride the BMW K1600 Grand America and discover what a monster of the road it really is. BMW K1600 Grand America Touring Motorcycle BMW K1600 – I rode a BMW K1600 Grand America tourer motorcycle. And it proved to be an absolute monster. Moreover. The K1600 Grand America is the fully equipped … Read more
  • Harley Oil Change First Impressions
    Harley Oil Change First Impressions, Westway V Twin Oil. After changing my engine, transmission and primary oil on my Harley Davidson Softail. Consequently. I wonder for a budget priced UK oil manufacturer if it is any good. Furthermore. Harley Oil Change – Impressions Firstly. What are my first impressions. Does the engine run smoother. Does … Read more
  • Westway V Twin Oil – Best Oil Brands?
    Westway V Twin Oil – Is this the right choice for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. It comes in at a budget price but does that relate to quality? Westway V Twin Oil – Synthetic Debate Changing Oil Brands Westway V Twin Oil – I’m Changing My Motorcycle Oil Brand. It’s that time again to service … Read more
  • Ebay vs Amazon Returns Policy
    Ebay vs Amazon. Which is the best option for you whether buying or selling. What becomes a vital factor in determining which you would favour. I’ve one metric. Further. Ebay vs Amazon Debate Returns Policy Firstly. Ebay vs Amazon Returns Policy. For a long time I have been frustrated with Ebay for certain issues. Whilst … Read more
  • Bike Reviews – Why Make Them?
    Bike Reviews. Would you make a motorcycle review? Is it the right choice for your platform? I decided a long time ago to stop doing them. And here is why. Consequently. Bike Reviews Reasoning Why Make Them Bike Reviews – Why Make Motorcycle Review Videos? What is in a review video and why does it … Read more
  • Low Rider ST – I Rode A Harley Davidson
    Low Rider ST – From Harley Davidson. This is the first time I ride it and I say what I think. Low Rider ST Features Low Rider ST. I get to ride the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST with the 117 engine for the very first time and give my impressions of it.  Consequently. Recommendation … Read more
  • Harley Lost Support? Are Bikers Leaving H-D
    Harley Lost Support? Has there been a downturn in sales for the motor company and has the customer lost enthusiasm for the brand? Harley Lost Support from You? Harley Lost Support? Is American motorcycle manufacturer; Harley Davidson losing support from its traditional riders by either not investing in new bikes or leaving the brand altogether. … Read more
  • Motorcycle Bedroll – Who Rides With One?
    Motorcycle Bedroll. Is it an effective sleep system for motorcycle riders? Motorcycle Bedroll Who rides a motorcycle with a bedroll? I wonder how many people are actually riding around with a bedroll alone and if they even use them or is it just for show. Furthermore. In the UK it is very rarely seen as … Read more
  • I Became An English Lord Of The Manor
    How did I become an English Lord? How To Become The Lord of the Manor English Lord Process I am now an English Lord! How did that happen? I wanted to see what the process would be to become an English Lord of the Manor. English Lord Good Cause And it was easier than I … Read more
  • Heritage Classic – I Rode A 2023 Harley Davidson
    Heritage Classic – Is it really the classic Harley Davidson experience? Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Firstly – I ride the Heritage Classic 114 from Harley Davidson and assess whether it’s a good option for me if I do change for a touring style motorcycle and whether I stay with Harley Davidson. Likewise Overall with its … Read more
  • Ford Ranger Wildtrak – I Drove A Pick Up Truck
    Ford Ranger Wildtrak – Is it the right choice for me? The Pros & Cons of owning a Ford Ranger Wildtrak Utility Vehicle Firstly My Ford Ranger Wiltrak PickUp is a great utility vehicle and these types really appeal to me and every biker should have one especially for towing bike trailers or just throwing … Read more
  • Motorcycle Rucksack – How To Wear A Rucksack
    Motorcycle rucksack tips – Is it the right choice? Motorcycle Rucksack Pros and Cons The motorcycle rucksack on a motorcycle dilemma! How to fend off fatigue when Riding with a rucksack on a motorcycle? There are pros and cons for riding a motorbike with a motorcycle rucksack on your back. But I tend to ride … Read more
  • I Rode A 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 DE
    I rode a V-Strom 1050 DE from Suzuki and what a weapon this bike is. Suzuki make this V-Strom 1050 in a road and off road capable version as well as in a touring configuration too. The V Strom is also in the 800 and the 650 sizes too so very capable and adaptable to … Read more
  • Do Motorcycle Club Bikers Have To Ride Harleys
    Do MC Bikers Ride Harleys exclusively? As an observation and I sometimes get the impression from certain YouTube channels that if you’re in a motorcycle club you have to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whilst that my be the case in specific clubs in particular countries, it doesn’t alway apply and I explain what I … Read more
  • Are There Better Bikes Than Harley Davidsons
    Better Than Harley? Is there a better bike out there than a Harley Davidson motorcycle? How do you judge a bike and is it universally accepted that some bikes are much superior to others? #BetterThanHarley #BestBikes #MyBestBike CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL at: a full list of products I use, please … Read more
  • H-D Rocker Arm Noise | Changes At Harley Davidson
    Rocker Arm Noise? Is there a strange noise coming from the top of your Harley Davidson engine? Well mine seems to have developed a slight noise anytime I twist the throttle and I’m now wondering if the rocker arms may need attention? #RockerArmNoise #H-DRockers #EngineNoise CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL at: more
  • Do Bikers Abuse Their Own Bikes
    Am I a Bike Abuser? Do you abuse you bike on a regular basis? Why do we do it and what do we achieve when all is said and done. For some of us we naturally have to do it whilst others seem to be able to leave it well alone and not abuse their … Read more
  • I Rode A Harley Davidson Road King Special | Look At My Face!
    A Road King Special from Harley Davidson is one of those bikes that I have been meaning to ride for the longest time but never got around to it. I always liked the Road Kings but possibly not enough to go ride one until recently where I started to look at the Road King Special … Read more
  • Don’t Go To Big Bike Rallies | Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    Does Sturgis Bike Rally appeal to you? Are the big bike rallies where the true biking experience is or have they lost their way and appeal especially for the traditionalists. Have they become just too big and too commercialised and full of people pretending to be bikers. Has the large scale event like Sturgis lost … Read more
  • My Fake Harley Parts & Broken Tech
    So back to it after a couple of weeks of no riding and learning a lot about knock off goods in far flung places. So I reflect on parts for my bike and where to source them from as well as dealing with a broken phone and failing tech and emergency repairs. It’s all happening … Read more
  • I Rode A 2023 BMW R 1250 RT | Wow What A Machine!
    I’ve wanted to try the BMW R 1250 RT for the longest time since it had its upgrades in 2021 so I took the chance to try out a 2023 model as I think about moving onto a tourer and bike that would be great for commuting too. #BestTourer #BMWR1250RT #BMWTourer CLICK THIS LINK TO … Read more