Motorcycle Bedroll – Who Rides With One?

Motorcycle Bedroll. Is it an effective sleep system for motorcycle riders?

Motorcycle Bedroll

Who rides a motorcycle with a bedroll?

I wonder how many people are actually riding around with a bedroll alone and if they even use them or is it just for show. Furthermore.

In the UK it is very rarely seen as a motorcycle bedroll would just not be effective to keep you warm and dry. Additionally.

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Motorcycle Bedroll

Motorcycle Bedroll Sleep System?

Firstly. The bedrolls that I see attached to bikes are nothing more than picnic blankets really so not a good sleep system. Moreover.

Secondly. In the UK most motorcycle campers would be taking tents, sleeping bags etc. Further.

If they do take a bedroll, it would be much more advanced than the motorcycle bedrolls that you see in videos and photos and this is mainly due to the weather over here. Equally.

Thirdly. The motorcycle bedroll is really mostly decoration and a style accessory for most. Of course there can be some practical application like using it as a picnic blanket. Moreover.

Or something just to lay on the ground. Or as a blanket to wrap around someone is they’re feeling cold. Consequently.

However what is isn’t, is a functioning sleep system like a purpose tent and sleeping bag of various types. In addition.

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Motorcycle Bedroll

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