Is Harley Davidson Wrong – Is Million Dollar Bogan To Blame

Is Harley Davidson Wrong – Is Million Dollar Bogan To Blame – Here I discuss the fallout between the motor company and fellow youtube content creator and his recent announcement to cease making videos for the time being. Who is right and who is wrong?

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3 thoughts on “Is Harley Davidson Wrong – Is Million Dollar Bogan To Blame

  1. I keep asking exactly what was said by Million Dollar Bogon or his mates that precipitated this. I ask for a link to the video in question. But no one can tell me other than saying “PC” run amok, which is insanely vague and not an answer.

    I’m not passing judgment until I get this information. There’s a world of difference between dropping a few f bombs or, say, dropping the n-word. Harley might be over reacting to the former but are 100% correct for the later. But since no one will say, I just don’t know. And I refuse to judge one way or the other without facts.

    FTR I’m a Harley owner myself and I’ve been drifting away for a while now, mostly because of quality and price issues and poor decisions to market to their old, aging rebel crowd rather than win over new riders. I applauded their support for BLM when most old Harley guys whined about it. So when I hear anti-PC complaining I’m dubious.

    1. You can’t find the video anymore as it was deleted by MDB at the pressure and request from HDMC. I think it’s more than just non PC language on dealership premises but also included some non standard alterations and criticisms of A H-D motorcycle that really drew the attention

  2. MDB is being a crybaby. The guy does not deserve our time. He simply doesn’t deserve our time. If he ever brings his channel back I hope nobody watches him.

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