I Became An English Lord Of The Manor

How did I become an English Lord?

How To Become The Lord of the Manor

English Lord Process

I am now an English Lord! How did that happen?

I wanted to see what the process would be to become an English Lord of the Manor.

English Lord Good Cause

And it was easier than I thought it would and all for a good cause and a bit of a giggle. But it appears that I am legally entitled to call myself Lord now, so I would appreciate it if you would do the same. Lordy Lordy Lord of the Manor. Ha Ha.

#EnglishLord #LordOfTheManor #BecomeALord

One of the reasons of trying to become a Lord in England was that I was intrigued by the process. But also about the legal point of view. In going through this very simple procedure, I actually learnt a lot amount legal titles here in England and what I can call myself.

Whilst this is a bonafide Lord of the Manor title, it cannot be confused with the House of Lords which are either hereditary or bestowed titles from the monarchy or state.

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