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  • H-D and Hero. New Bikes Planned
    H-D and Hero Motocorp of India are planning to build upon the early success of the newly released X440, by bringing out more models in the coming months. Harley Davidson & Hero Motocorp Future Motorcycles H-D and Hero from India have successfully launched a brand new small but regarded as premium motorcycle for the Indian … Read more
  • 2024 Motorcycle Models Launch Season!
    2024 Motorcycle Models news will be revealed as the autumn launch season approaches. Every year all of the major and minor motorcycle manufacturers announce what they are bringing out for the following year…apart from Harley Davidson. They make their major reveal in January. 2024 Motorcycle Models News For the most part news of the 2024 … Read more
  • Has Harley Davidson Lost Support?
    Has the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer finally lost the support from their most trusted followers? Have they crested the wave and surfed the good times for too long? Have they now just lost the trust from fans and their desire to spend big money on H-D products? For every detracting statement there is a counter … Read more
  • Harley Davidson Bring 10 New Motorcycles?
    Whilst still in its infancy, Harley-Davidson’s journey into the small displacement engine market for India and China may pay dividends in more ways than one. Whilst no specific data was released in their Q2 results, there was a 24% increase in Asia Pacific sales which some of which could be attributed to the X350 and … Read more
  • Are Bikers Saying No To Sturgis?
    On the eve of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the USA, which is the largest of all and is held annually in the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota…are bikers turning their backs on the humungous event or are they still willing to give it a chance? With any large event, it attracts the loyal … Read more
  • Harley Davidson Suspend X440 Orders in India
    Enter the ball of confusion from Harley Davidson and Hero MotoCorp of India who will temporarily suspend orders of the brand new X440 on the 3rd August…apparently due to an “overwhelming response” Just recently H-D CEO Jochen Zeitz was buoyant after the launch of the X440 single cylinder engine motorcycle for the Indian market and … Read more
  • Honda CMX1100 REBEL 2023 – Best Budget Touring Bike?
    Honda are a company that gets things done, and when they do things…they do them very well indeed. Their bikes just work flawlessly albeit to the point that some could be considered uninspiring. However with the CMX1100 Rebel, they just might have found the best touring bike available and one that won’t break the bank … Read more
  • Harley Davidson Pan America 975? Fact or Fiction?
    Casting our minds back to autumn 2022, all of the motorcycle manufacturers were revealing their motorcycles for 2023…well for the most part that is, apart from Harley-Davidson who favour the January launch. In the same period, there was much chatter, speculation and assumption that Harley Davidson would be bringing out a brand new Pan America … Read more
  • H-D X 440 vs Triumph Speed 400
    Both Harley Davidson (with Hero MotoCorp) and Triumph (with Bajaj) recently launched their 400cc…ish motorcycles for the Indian market. But which is best and which will likely come out on top in sales terms albeit not necessarily in customer appreciation. Harley Davidson and Hero MotoCorp released the X440 ahead of schedule (some have speculated) to … Read more
  • Can We Wait for the BMW R 12 nineT 2024?
    Recently those diamond cut types and BMW Motorrad released early information about the upcoming R 12 nineT which will be officially made available in 2024 and more exact details and specs will come this autumn. But can we wait for it…or should they just put us out of our misery and release it now. So … Read more
  • BMW R 18 Roctane 2023 – Best Cruiser of the Year?
    BMW Motorrad are a manufacturer who just do things the correct way. Ruthlessly good and precision on point…but do the R18s match up and does the recent R18 Roctane carry the flag for the company too. Motorcycle cruisers and tourers have been looking for an alternative the Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle for some time, … Read more
  • BMW R 1250 GS Adventure 2023: Buy or Hold?
    The BMW GS motorcycles are synonymous with big adventures on two wheels. Load them up like cart mules and off you ride to far flung destinations seeking a heady mix of thrills and life changing experiences. But the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure may be under threat from within too…as the company will launch the … Read more
  • Harley Davidson 120th Celebrations – Hangovers & Boycotts
    As the lights dim on Milwaukee for the 120th Anniversary of Harley Davidson and whilst revellers make their way to their beds after taking in the sights and sounds of bikes, beers and music…there is also some dissension amongst the once loyal fanbase. It is hard to find a critic amongst those celebrating the company’s … Read more
  • Harley Davidson X350 & X500 Failing in China?
    Harley Davidson launched the X350 and X500 single cylinder engine motorcycles in China recently with muted fanfare however it appears that sales of the two bikes that Harley Davidson is producing with domestic manufacturer QJ Motor are not as strong as would have been hoped. The second quarter results from H-D will be released on … Read more
  • Harley Davidson – Why Is My Engine Lugging?
    You may have heard the term; ‘engine lugging’ before and that it is bad for your engine…but what does it actually mean, what causes it and why is it so bad? Essentially when you ride around in a higher gear at low rpms and then roll on the throttle, either to increase speed for overtaking … Read more
  • HEX ezCAN Now for Ducati & Yamaha
    Those boffins at HEX ezCAN have done it again with their very capable electrical accessories manager that is plug and play…and ride away. BMW and Harley Davidson riders have long since been admirers of this little device that works seamlessly with the onboard computer to allow you to add extra electrical devices whilst still using … Read more
  • Why Are Harley Davidson Facing A Backlash? Woke Backfire!
    It appears there is growing noise in the ether that is becoming disgruntled with Harley Davidson Motor Company and it less about motorcycles but more about the company structure and philosophy. A couple of years ago I wrote about and made videos about the company structure and attitude towards certain issues. I also discussed issues … Read more
  • Best Cam for your Harley Davidson?
    After much head scratching it is finally time to swap out the stock cam on your Harley Davidson and go for the right cam for your style of riding. Do you go for horsepower or do you go for torque? Essentially a torque cam will enable more combustion efficiency to deliver a greater piston power … Read more
  • Screamin’ Eagle vs S&S – Best Torque Cam?
    So you might be approaching that time in your Harley-Davidson ownership cycle where you want to upstage your bike and go beyond the stage 1 with a high flow air filter, exhaust and tuner. Now you’re wanting to change you cam to increase your performance and you mostly ride around in the low to mid … Read more
  • H-D Oil Pump Change: Screamin’ Eagle vs S&S
    So the time has arrived for an oil pump change on your Harley Davidson and instead of just a pump…you want to change the camchest too to achieve better oil pumping and scavenging results. Why is this desirable? Well it should help the engine to run cooler and there will be less oil in the … Read more
  • Harley Davidson Ashamed of Small Engine Bikes?
    Why are Harley-Davidson not shouting from the rooftops about their new small engine bikes; X350 and X500 made in China for the Chinese market and the X440 made in India…for the Indian market? Are they ashamed of stooping so low to produce small cc bikes for the masses or are they in fear of alienating … Read more
  • Triumph Scrambler 400X vs Royal Enfield Scram 411. Which is Best?
    Triumph/Bajaj have just released the first of their 400cc motorcycles to be initially launched in India on July 5th and they have Royal Enfield firmly in their sights. The Triumph Scrambler 400X looks like it immediately belongs on the road or some dirt trails taking some inspiration from big brother Triumphs 900 and 1200 too … Read more
  • Are Hydrogen Vehicles The Green Solution?
    The future is bright! The Future is Green! Right? Well, in recent years tech giants and governments have pushed hard on the electric vehicle solution with manufacturers like Harley-Davidson pledging to be 100% electric in future years. However in the last couple of years there has been a growing antidote to this global EV fever … Read more