BUELL & Roland Sands Super Cruiser Coming

Like the riding phoenix from embers that have smouldered for years since H-D pulled the rug…Buell are fighting back with a new super cruiser in collaboration with Roland Sands. It’s coming sometime around 2025 or before and it very much looks like you might be familiar with too.

Buell were forgotten in the consciousness of occasional biking fans, but the truth is that they have been producing bikes, race bikes but have done it quietly and confidently too. Eric Buell moved onto pastures new with his electric bike company Fuell some time ago but Buell have continued in name and the same vein too.

Buell already produces five motorcycles using the brands own ET-V@ 1190cc V-Twin engine. Buell Hammerhead, 1190 SX, Baja Dune Racer & Super Touring.

The Hammerhead and the 1190SX can be bought now but the other two are not available until 2025 but pre orders are available, albeit there has been a lengthy delay since the first announcement in 2022.

So far all that is known are the photos released by Roland Sands and Buell themselves and the super cruiser…very much like a ‘straight up’ Dyna in my eyes will be released 2025 with the other two motorcycles in the 1190 range. Perhaps they might surprise us with an earlier offering but we’ll have to wait to see how high this phoenix will fly.

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