Zero Motorcycles Make £3500 Rebate Offer!

This just in from Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in full-sized electric motorbikes, is introducing its new Go Electric incentive to plug the hole left by the withdrawal of the UK Government’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle grant in 2022.

The scheme, which gave a 20% rebate on the purchase price to buyers of electric motorcycles, proved a major incentive for customers looking to make the switch from petrol to electric but was dropped without warning last year.

In response, Zero Motorcycles is picking up the baton and introducing its own incentive scheme, which will see buyers benefit from up to £3500 off the price of their motorcycle. With rebates applied, the Zero Motorcycles range starts at £11,935 for the Zero FX, while buyers of the range-topping DSR/X can take advantage of £3500 off the award-winning adventure bike. Alternatively, buyers looking to finance their Zeros can take advantage of a range of 0% interest subsidised finance options, or subsidised PCP deals which can see customers ride off on a new Zero SR from as little as £161.98 per month on a 48 month PCP deal. 
The promotion runs from 21 April 2023 to 31 May 2023 and applies to all new Zeros purchased from authorised Zero Motorcycles dealers.

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