Zero Motorcycles Becomes A Hero!

Zero Motorcycles, the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer from the USA are getting a huge Brucie Bonus with a reported $60million investment by India’s leading motorcycle manufacturer; Hero Motor Corp.

Hero have been looking to expand upon their Vida V1 electric scooter range and the plans are to enter business with Zero to develop more motorcycles for electric enthusiasts.

Hero Motor Corp themselves have started to invest heavily in charging stations in some cities in India. So far almost 300 charge points have been installed in Jaipur, Bengaluru and Delhi. However this is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to satisfying the potential demands of the 1 Billion or so population of India and also to meet the governmental expectations to develop electric and alternative fuels for future mobility.

Hero have been making waves recently with various partnerships with other well known motorcycle brands. Looking to expand motorcycle output with larger displacement bikes as well as now with electric models too.

Zero motorcycles are seen as the leading company in the electric powertrain sector, so with this investment and pledge to develop new motorcycles, this could be exactly what the company needs in order to fend off the major motorcycle manufacturers around the world now dipping their toes into the electric bike market.

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