What is the Harley-Davidson Strategic Plan

When Harley-Davidson ended their More Roads program and shipped in new CEO Jochem Zeitz, this gave birth to the Hardwire plan, project or agenda.

Still to this day there is some confusion as what is their intentions for the next few years, but they have basically mapped it out until 2025.

They have already refocussed their attentions on the sales markets that are most profitable. So now they are forging ahead with US & Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, China, France, UK, Italy, Australia & New Zealand. These are the countries where most profitability is seen.

They are also looking at which models are the big sellers but also offer the highest profit margins. So the Grand American tourers are not surprisingly at the top of their list. Followed closely by the middleweight cruisers too. However they are also eager to explore new market spaces, so the ADV world is something they would like to continue to have a strong presence in as well as expanding their new technology with products featuring the liquid cooled Revolution Max engine and the EV bikes and tech of the future.

However as we all know Harley-Davidson is not all about motorcycles either. Their parts and accessories play a huge part in their overall financial success and growth. Whilst placing some limitations on motorcycles within warranty periods it may just drive owner riders to only purchase H-D own parts and accessories, whilst still expanding their merchandise and financial services sector which is much larger than many would think.

The company have not only refocussed, but they are deliberately targeting areas to maximise profits and growth and enter new motorcycle spaces and markets. The separation of the EV division into its own LiveWire company which will be floated on the NYSE with strategic partner Kymco from Taiwan is another example of the company sectioning their traditional values away from their diversified interests.

It seems to be working too with overall sales up, however they were always likely to be so after the Covid hit 2020. However they have been very clever with harnessing the ‘shortage of bikes’ to generate demand too and the release of the ICON bikes has stimulated interest even further.

The release of the Pan America and Sportster S with the Revolution Max engine has made many people stand up and take notice, bringing new riders to the brand and making traditional fans fall in love with what may be coming too.

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