What is Harley-Davidson hiding from us in 2022 | More H-D Secrets?

Interest is mounting in what the American motorcycle manufacturer will offer for 2022 when it launches its product line in the virtual setting on the 26th January.

Much has already been said and written…all speculative of course, about the changes to the Softail and Touring models and how the Revolution Max engine is going to be the centre piece around which everything else will be on display.

However whilst it became common knowledge that Harley-Davidson will be teaming up with Kymco for future electric vehicle projects in the LiveWire company and brand, not much has been discussed or leaked on how this may impact on the Harley Davidson models of the future.

LiveWire R&D department was always designed to trickle technology into the mainstay motorcycles as well as plough their own furrow in the EV market. When H-D split off LiveWire to form its own company, many thought that was the end of the EV adventure for Harley-Davidson but that could not be further from the truth.

CEO Jochem Zeitz is firmly committed to the EV future and also what technology will filter through into the traditional bikes…certainly in the short term.

As governments around the world begin to close the door on internal combustion engines (ICE), the EV market is going to explode in the next couple of year and Harley-Davidson are primed with the subsidiary company and also with the main brand to lead the way in full EV or some form of Hybrid which many believe may be the way forward for motorcycles.

The changes for ICE motorcycles may not be as severe as once thought as only the use of fossil fuels is the issue. So if green fuels are to be used, this could allow conventional motor vehicles of all descriptions and shorter range motorcycles be adopted with easy to administer refuel points too.

The greatest facet of a modern thinking Harley-Davdison will be the ability to harness and implement this new EV technology and Hybrid potential whilst all the while making us believe they are stuck in the ICE rut and will only pander to traditional hard core H-D fans.

Whilst the focus of many observers and commentators has been what new motorcycle models will be launched in 2022 by Harley-Davidson, the true story will be what new technology will become standard or as an option for existing motorcycle models in both the Softail and Tourer range but what will be most evident on the Revolution Max engine bikes; Pan America and Sportster S.
Keep a keen eye on the new tech coming this year whilst the company try to distract you with new models or model projects that have arisen from the ashes.

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