Westway V Twin Oil – Best Oil Brands?

Westway V Twin Oil – Is this the right choice for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. It comes in at a budget price but does that relate to quality?

Westway V Twin Oil – Synthetic Debate

Changing Oil Brands

Westway V Twin Oil – I’m Changing My Motorcycle Oil Brand. It’s that time again to service the Harley Davidson and this time I am looking at a British oil supplier that is supposed to have a really good oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles with V Twin engines. Moreover.

Fully Synthetic

What is particular about Westway is that they offer a fully synthetic oil which could be suitable for all three spaces in the Harley. Furthermore.

So I research the specs of this oil and compare it to H-D oil and I plan to test it in the coming months in a series of oil changes.

Budget Price

However this Westway V Twin Oil comes in at a budget price. In fact it is about half the price of similar grade oils and quantities. So is it any good and how to gauge whether it is the right choice.

So there are two categories or gradings that you may wish to consider. The API (American Petroleum Institute) and the JASO (Japanese Engine Oil Standards Implementation Panel). Additionally.

When comparing the data on the Westway V Twin Oil it appears that it meets these two standards and has achieved a veery good level. Consequently.

The Westway V Twin Oil is a fully synthetic oil, so is comparable with well known oil brands for Harley Davidsons such as the company’s own Syn3 or even Amsoil. However.

H-D do not put these API or JASO categories on their oils so it is difficult to compare. However the Syn3 oil which is a synthetic oil is also not a fully synthetic as it apparently is a mix of 60% synthetic and 40% mineral oil.

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