Triumph Launch 400cc Bikes in India

Only a few days ago the global launch from Triumph in London of the new Speed 400 and the Scrambler 400X sent tongues wagging with anticipation and delight. However just a few days later and they are ready to sell in India as the first receiving market.

Triumph of course entered into a project partnership with Indian motorcycle manufacturer; Bajaj with the intention of launching these bikes there first and really to tackle the class leader in Royal Enfield.

However, it was appear that another mighty foe has entered the fray which brings extra competition which they might not appreciate. Harley Davidson in partnership with Hero MotoCorp launched the X440 two days ago with some surprise and already Hero have since a bounce in their stock price as a result.

But whatever H-D can do, Triumph it would appear can do it twice over. Both partnerships will be bringing out new bikes in the coming months and are both looking to sell well in the Indian market primarily. However Triumph have already stated that their motorcycles being manufactured by Bajaj in India will be made available to other markets in 2024.

Harley Davidson have made no such statements. In fact the company really has not given any information about their bike outside of India, perhaps indicating they have no intention of offering it to other markets.

The prize for both collaborations is really to dominate the retro cool bikes in the 350-450cc bracket in India but there is another sting in the tall tale. Royal Enfield are also planning on bring out new bikes soon and over the coming year which will leap them forward once again.

However for now, it is the Triumph and Bajaj party and all are welcome. These are two highly impressive bikes, great looks and technology too, which Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson will have to up their game to keep up.

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