Suzuki Recall Hayabusa!

Suzuki Motorcycles USA have recalled the 2022 Hayabusa due to a brake master cylinder problem it was reported recently. Of course if you have this motorcycle in another market, then contact your Suzuki dealership to determine if this relates to your motorcycle also and will it be rectified under the same recall notification.

“Vehicles in the recall population were equipped with a front brake master cylinder that was manufactured with an incorrect brake fluid primary port location. The affected recall population is determined by VIN range” and production between 26th March 2021 to 11th January 2022 and this affects 2552 bikes with 100% of bikes being affected.

The report describes:

“An incorrect position of the front brake master cylinder primary port could cause excessive front brake lever travel during an initial application of the front brake. Under the worst-case condition, the vehicle may experience increased braking distance and may not comply with FMVSS 122”

The cause is described in the safety recall report as:

“An improper location of the front brake master cylinder primary port may become blocked if swelling of the primary seal cup in an adjacent location occurs. In this case, fluid pressure change caused from normal cooling of the brake fluid of the vehicle could create a negative pressure condition in the brake system. If this occurs, the front brake caliper pistons could retract creating excessive gap between the front brake pad and discs. In this condition, at the next application of the front brake the front brake lever will have excessive travel as the front brake pads move to contact the front brake discs and before brake system friction begins…The front brake lever will present with excess travel when first applied. In this condition, braking force may be reduced”

The fix from Suzuki is as foillows:

“The front brake master cylinder body will be replaced with a new part. The plan for reimbursing customers who have paid for repairs to remedy the reported condition is attached as a separate document. The front brake master cylinder body will be replaced with a new part that includes a repositioned primary port. The new part is identifiable by a punch mark on the master cylinder body imprinted on the handlebar clamp attachment face.

From February 9, 2022, the location of the primary port was repositioned to prevent possible blockage of the primary seal cup if the cup became enlarged from swelling”

Dealerships should be notified by 27th February 2023 and owners by 1st March 2023

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