Suzuki Motorcycle Price Increase in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki has recently had to raise it’s prices in Pakistan due to the financial turmoil the country faces and the devaluing on the currency latest reports suggest…and this will take effect from 9th May 2023.

Suzuki have already stared down the troubled waters in recent months with having to shut down production plants for motorcycle and cars due to supply chain shortages of source components and materials, however this latest turn of events could see it’s sales severely hit with some reporters claiming the unit price of bikes could be beyond the reach of most potential buyers.

Suzuki are not the only foreign company being forced into such a strategy, as Atlas Honda have had to execute in the same manner, but for Suzuki this could be a hammer blow to any success this year in Pakistan which it is a market leader and a market that relies heavily on imports especially motorcycles.

With Suzuki GD110 now starting at 335,000 rupees (£942.00), GSX125 at 488,000 rupees (£1372.00) and the GW250JP at 1,040,000 rupees (£2926.00)…these are princely sums especially when the average annual salary is in the region of 3,000,000 rupees (£8440.00) However this figure is heavily skewed by middle to higher income earners, whereas there are huge numbers of people earning far less.

Compounding this issue, the government will also add their pound of flesh and the prices may change at short notice depending on the economic climate of the day. So whilst Pak Suzuki find themselves in a difficult situation and may struggle in the coming months, the average motorcycle rider will find it increasingly difficult to buy a new bike in the current times, and like many fellow bikers around the world may have to stick with what they already have or go shopping in the used bike market where undoubtedly those prices will be subject to inflationary pressures too.

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