Surron Ultra Bee – On & Off Road Electric Bikes Arrive

Surron electric bike manufacturer had teased us at the trade shows with their on and off road ultra bee bikes, but now they are set to arrive within the week…and it couldn’t come soon enough.

This new range joins the already popular LBX off road bike and the L1E on road offering too, but now the Ultra Bee takes it to a new level and something there for the more chunky of us riders too.

The company already had in their arsenal the Storm Bee Enduro which is the On Road Electric Motorcycle and priced at £8495 inc VAT. The Storm Bee is rated at 104V 55Ah. It is an On Road Dual Purpose Enduro Bike
Max Power 22.5Kw, Bike Weight 132Kg, Max Rider Weight 120Kg

The Surron Ultra Bee X is for the off road market. It is priced at Price £6200.00. Ultra Bee is rated at 74V 55Ah. Off Road Motocross Bike with Max Power 12.5Kw, Bike Weight 85Kg, Max Rider Weight 100Kg

The Surron Ultra Bee Trail is for the On and off road market. It is priced at Price £6500.00. Ultra Bee ‘Trail’ On Road Dual Purpose Motorcycle. Max Power 12.5 Kw, Bike Weight 88Kg, Max Rider Weight 100Kg

This is the 4th gen powertrain motor system from Surron in the Ultra Bee coming with a new PMSM electric motor and stand alone electrical system giving more security and ride continuity. The Ultra Bee X and T versions use a 74V/55AH battery pack with a 12.5KW / 440Nm torque drivetrain. Coming with 3 ride modes which are the Eco, Daily and Sport.

Top speed is a reported 56mph with a 0-30mph in 2.3secs with a healthy range of 87miles on a full charge with a recharge time of only 4 hours.

The Ultra Bee’s top speed is 56mph, and the e-bike goes from 0 to 30mph in 2.3 seconds. On full charge it has a maximum range of 87 miles, and the maximum recharge time is four hours.


  • 5 KW peak power
  • 440 Nm peak torque
  • 87 miles (140 KM) maximum range on full charge (@ 50 km/h)
  • 56 mph (90 km/h) top speed
  • 3 seconds 0-50 km/h (0-30 mph)
  • 3 riding modes (Sport-eco-daily) + reverse gear
  • SRTC traction control
  • Regenerative braking
  • 4 hours recharge time
  • 85kg curb weight
  • Emissions free

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