Sinnis Motorcycles Rev Up the ABR Festival 2023

Sinnis Motorcycles continue to offer small engine motorcycles which are very capable and deliver on value and customer satisfaction. With the T125 and T380, they are creating legions of fans, both young and old…er, liking a bit of the off road ability traits and value.

This just in from Sinnis Motorcycles.

Sinnis Motorcycles partnered with some of the biggest YouTube moto-vloggers to join in the action. Teapotone, Officialmrfish, and Richyvida unleashed their inner daredevils on the adventure trail, tearing up the terrain and pushing their limits. John Haddock, also known as Officalmrfish, says: “It was the best laugh I’ve had all weekend. You don’t need a big bike to have fun or an adventure on which I proved in my 4-corner challenge series” whilst Rich Lowndes, also known as RichyVida, agreed: “I’ve had more fun going on the trails with the Sinnis T125 than I did on the Suzuki V-Strom the day before”

UsernameKate, and her partner, Mike Pye, also made their way to the Sinnis stall and reunited with the beloved T125. They had already conquered the NorthWest Enduro route on the T125 last year and had tackled a trip to Wales on the Sinnis Akuma too. Kate says: “What a cracking time we had riding the Sinnis Terrains on the Off-road loop! The Sinnis Terrain is the perfect ‘introduction to the trails’ bike for someone at ABR, having said that, my partner and I have been riding for a long time and we still thoroughly enjoyed it! There is great satisfaction in riding the little bikes offroad. It’s so much fun! I think Sinnis are doing a great job with the variety of their product range as well as the quality of their machines”.

Sinnis Motorcycles launched the UK’s first-ever 7-year warranty in March, and this exciting development represents a major milestone in their commitment to delivering reliable and affordable motorcycles tailor-made for adventure. Faye Tinsley, from Tins on Tour, who had bought a T125 to practice on for her full licence, commented: “The Sinnis brand provides robust and competitively priced motorcycles for everyone to access. There is a style of bike to suit everyone’s interests and needs. I have had the pleasure of experiencing their ever-expanding range and have never been disappointed in the models”.

Marketing manager, Tom Scott-Roberts, says: “I had the exciting job of leading hourly test rides from my Sinnis T380, guiding groups of riders on the Sinnis T125. Regardless of their skills and backgrounds, the riders got accustomed to the T125 quickly, demonstrating its user-friendliness and versatility. The festival was a celebration of adventure biking, with the Sinnis motorcycles conquering all terrains and surpassing expectations. Each ride strengthened the riders’ bond with the bikes, making the fully booked event an unforgettable experience.”

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