Sinnis Motorcycles lead industry with £500 price cut.

Sinnis motorcyles are leading the pack in the UK with a £500 price reduction in their GPX 125cc bikes. Will this stir other manufacturers to do the same and bring on a price war? Buyers would certainly welcome that, but could it be replicated with other brands and other larger motorcycles too?

This in from Sinnis:

In an audacious response to industry giants KTM & Suzuki summer offers, Sinnis Motorcycles is offering a £500 contribution to the price of their popular GPX 125cc sports bike, bringing it down from £3,699 to a head-turning £3,199.

With the KTM RC125 priced at £4,699 and Suzuki GSX-R 125 at £4,499 (after their respective £500 offers), the GPX saves over £1300 versus its rivals. This means you could pick up a brand new GPX, complete with 7-year warranty and a year breakdown cover, have it insured and serviced all with enough change left over to pick up a new set of riding gear!

This bold move from Sinnis reiterates their commitment to maintain their leading position in the UK market, delivering amazing value, affordable motorcycles. With Sinnis’ manufacturing partners also associated with the likes of Piaggio, Suzuki and Yamaha, riders can have confidence that their motorcycles will have been manufactured to the same standard as their European and Japanese badged competition.

The Sinnis GPX 125cc is a mighty combination of a lightweight chassis (over 10kg lighter than some of its rivals) and a powerful, modern liquid-cooled 125cc engine. Its vibrant LCD display illuminates key data in all weather conditions, while its superior aerodynamics (which have been based on the Yamaha R1 and BMW S1000RR) offer unparalleled high-speed protection & comfort. Coupled with powerful LED headlights, which have been discreetly tucked into the fairing-side pods, and a unique integrated taillight, the GPX 125cc leaves a lasting impression on both the rider and the apex.

Marketing Manager at Sinnis Motorcycles, Tom Roberts, states that “Amid a competitive industry landscape, we want to reaffirm our dedication to our customers and the riding community. Sinnis will not be outdone when it comes to quality, style, and price.”

So yet again we have a company proving that motorcycles can be offered at affordable prices with great warranty and service packages and yet still enough scope to reduce prices even further. Can it be that only companies such as Sinnis are capable or willing to do this. Shouldn’t this be an industry goal? Or are we still shackled by profit over value and customer service?

One might feel the likes of a GPX 125 from Sinnis would be a shadow of engineering excellence but this is far from the truth. The 125cc power plant is fuel injected, DOHC with 4 valves giving you the performance required. The engine is the same from the Terrain Adventure bike, albeit retuned and in Euro 5 compliant too!

With performance, quality and modern tech on point with this machine and other products that Sinnis are producing, it is amazing that they can find the drive to still offer compelling bikes with great deals and keep looking to bring the sale prices down. That is great for everyone and brings pressure on the industry to be more competitive too.

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