Should Big Bad Bikers Ride Mopeds

The short answer to this is…Why the hell not!

We probably all started on smaller 50cc or slightly bigger when we were a lot younger. Yes we may have moved upwards and onwards in life and our choice of motorcycle but that doesn’t mean we should in any way dismiss the virtues, fun and heroics of riding these very capable little machines.

I was reminded of this the other day whilst trying to fight my way through the congested roads of London on my Harley. Whilst the traffic isn’t as bad as it was a few years ago, there were still pinch points where I couldn’t get through whereas the mopeds and scooters were zipping through regardless.

I’ve always liked smaller engine motorcycles too just for the sheer fun and light handling too. They are usually really good off road on some trails, easy to get and off. The speeds are sedate and the power unassuming…and their utility nature makes them a must to have in the stable.

So why do most bikers not have one in their garage as a run around bike or even just to hop on and go have fun. Well it’s most likely image and the lack of performance and capability on the open road. As we get older we tend to want to get somewhere quicker and do it in more style perhaps. But the truth is if I have time on my hands, I care not for any of these things but rather want to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding.

I often talk about the benefits of riding small bikes in the off road world and in urban areas with congested streets, but actually they tick so many boxes, I feel my next purchase is more than likely going to be a small bike which I can keep in my workshop to tinker with then take out fo a jolly when needed.

They are cheap to buy, inexpensive to maintain and insure and you’ll be able to go 150miles on a tank. I’m looking at getting one as soon as I can for a particular set of rides I have in mind but I actually can’t wait to roll up to my nearest biker pub and cafe and get the strange looks too.

Yes I’ll look like the proverbial gorilla on a bike but I couldn’t care less. I will likely face ridicule, but that matters not…however after all the smirks and ribbing, I bet that more than one or two big bad bikers will stroll over and start a good natured chat about the bike and how ace it is. You see it sparks attention and admiration too…you just need to have the courage to ride one in public that’s all.

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