Old people should not ride heavy bikes! Or should they?

A question that comes across my desk from time to time is whether older people should still ride big heavy bikes? Well the answer is simple but with many conditions!

So generally speaking the older we get, the more likely we are to suffer from weakening bodies and ailments which may curtail our riding ambitions or put them to an end entirely. Perhaps the marvels of modern medicine will assist and keeping oneself health and active can help fend off any frailties.

However, we cannot beat time but merely cuddle up to it like a long time love affair and enjoy the here and now. So with that being said, ageing in itself is not the determining factor whether you should still ride a heavy bike, big machine nor for that matter ride at all. But rather it is the condition of your body and your health that would be the primary considerations.

For most people, certainly getting into 50s and 60s, riding habits will start to change, if not already done so. Gone are the grand master fast and furious 15mins of fame to be replaced with upright comfort, heritage, nostalgia and cruising or touring steeds.

We pick motorcycles that suit our riding styles, our interests, our friendship groups but mostly which we feel confident to ride with comfort and precision, so it is no wonder that the like of Harley-Davidson usually has an aging customer base, whom coincidentally may have deeper pockets too.

This is not to say that any aging biker cannot rider, or should not ride big heavy bikes, but the natural tendency will be to somewhat downsize especially if any kind of manual manoeuvring is required. When in motion and at speed, most if not all motorcycles will feel light to handle but it is at slow speeds or stationary where the mass can be felt especially if edging away from the balanced position or when trying to turn the bike, let alone if trying to recover your footing on loose gravel.

Getting older does not mean stopping riding but rather it means riding suitable machines for your body type, health and personal preference. For some it will always be the beast, whilst others are more than happy to slip down to a mid size of even a step through moped. As long as you’re having fun on two wheels, who cares what type it is…right?

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