Norton Deliver Test Rides To Your Door?

Norton motorcycles have made the cunning plan to generate increasing interest in their motorcycles by offering to deliver a motorcycle to your home address or any other location of your choosing in the UK in order for you to test ride it.

Whilst the V4SV and the V4CR are not included in this service, the Commando 961 SP and the Commando 961 CR are most definitely part of the package.

Both bikes are available to purchase with £16,499 and £16,999 respectively however to test ride you’ll need a 10% returnable deposit should you not wish to eventually buy, and you’ll need to pay for the delivery charge to your location too.

This is thought to be an interim measure until the company can develop their long awaited dealership network in the UK and in other countries too. The company states they are some way down that road already and future test riders will be directed to the nearest dealership for all models, but until that is realised the only option will be home delivery and testing.

According to Norton, there has already been interest in this service although no official numbers have been provided to determine how much interest there is in reality.

So if you’re interested in test riding a Commando 961 Sport or 961 Cafe Racer, then all you need to do is click here for the Norton website and follow instructions.

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