New – Old Japanese Bike Breaks All Auction Records

A never ridden and still crated Honda RC213V-S has just gone on the auction block and broken all records and is now the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever sold at auction.

The auction held by specialist automotive auction house Collecting Cars selling the ‘MotoGP bike for the road’ for a princely sum of £182,500

“The rare superbike has never been ridden and remains in its original flight case, with just one mile on the odometer. Having never left its shipping crate, the bike is totally pristine with absolutely no damage or wear”

The mind bogels how this was still left crated for all this time and how some lucky winner has a prized piece for their collection…but will they ever ride it?

“Created with a focus on light weight and agility, the RC213V-S is a road-legal MotoGP bike, built around a hand-fabricated aluminium frame with carbon-fibre body panels and titanium fasteners, resulting in a dry weight of just 170kg.

Powered by a 999cc four-stroke V4 engine, this 2016 model also features the full HRC Race Kit, which comprises a recalibrated ECU, a titanium exhaust system, a front ram duct, a race-pattern quickshifter, a data logger and a remote control cable for the front brake lever. These upgrades reduce the bike’s total weight by 10kg and increase power output from 157hp to 215hp.

Also fitted are some of the highest quality components available, including Ohlins TTX front forks, powerful Brembo brakes and forged magnesium Marchesini Racing wheels”

Edward Lovett, founder of Collecting Cars, said:

“Honda’s RC213V-S is a thrilling, exquisitely crafted machine, and this example attracted global attention and extremely competitive bidding on Collecting Cars. We are proud to have achieved yet another world-record sales price – this time for an incredible road-legal MotoGP that will be a jewel in the new owner’s collection.” 

To find out more information on this lot, visit Collecting Cars.

This would be amazing to hear roar at a classic festival perhaps some day or even to get it on the track to see how well it can handle itself against more modern technology but either way this opens the door for more modern era bikes neveer touched before to come to the surface and reach big money.

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