My Harley Davidson Leaked Oil Everywhere

When I ignore my best advice there’s going to be a time when it bites me in the behind. So instead of replacing oil O Rings like I should, I chose to let them be and this was the result.

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Motorcycle Tools to think about to start with.

Impact Driver

Impact Wrench Set

Rotary Tool Set

Complete Starter Socket Set

1/2 Inch Socket Set

3/8 Inch Socket Set 

1/4 Inch Socket Set    

1/2 Impact Deep Socket Set

3/8 Deep Socket Set

1/4 Deep Socket Set

Spark Plug Socket Set

1/4 Inch Sliding T Handle Driver

3/8 Inch Sliding T Handle Driver

1/2 Inch Sliding T Handle Driver

Driver Extension & Adapter Set

1/4 Drive 5-25Nm Torque Wrench

3/8 Drive 20-110Nm Torque Wrench 

1/2 Drive 25-220Nm Torque Wrench

Torx Bit Socket Set 

Allen Key Set Metric/SAE   

Complete Allen Key Metric/SAE Socket Set

T Handle Allen Key Metric/SAE Set

T Handle Torx Set

Screwdriver Set – Flat/Phillips

Screwdriver Set – Flat/Crosshead

Long Reach Screwdriver Set

Plier Set

Mini Plier Set  

Long Reach Plier Set  

Circlip Plier Set 

Rubber Mallet 

Belt Tension Gauge

Wire Strippers 


Scissor Lift

Motorcycle Jack Lift

Power Source Tower:

22inch Monitor:

Triple Monitor Docking Station:

Display Port To HDMI Cable:

TV Monitor Wall Bracket:


For a full list of products I use, please visit the website Product Links page on 

Studio Set Up

22inch Monitor:

WavLink Docking Station:

Coffee Mug Warmer:

USB Docking Station:

Wireless Laptop Mouse:

HDMI Cable:

Tapo Indoor Camera:

Tapo Outdoor Camera:

MOSOTECH 3.5mm Lapel Mic:

LEDMOMO 360 Deg GoPro Mount:

360 Deg GoPro Mount:

MiPremium 360 Swivel Mount GoPro:

CAMOLO GoPro Ball Motorcycle Mirror Mount:

GoPro Hero 10:

GoPro Hero 9:

Homesuit GoPro Hero 9/10 Batteries & Charger:

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