Indian Motorcycles 2022 – Is Just New Paint?

At this time of year many are digging deep into the motorcycle brands to see what is on offer for the new model year and Indian motorcycles have been getting some scrutiny of late for being…well, inactive.

For 2022 as of yet there aren’t any brand new models to feast our eyes upon and engine upgrades or changes were made some time ago, so really the only real differences across all models are new paint colour options, some luggage accessories and LED bag lights as well as a new luggage range called Spirit Lake.

The Challenger gets some hard lower fairings updated and silkier traction control whilst all the tourers and baggers get the updated Ride Command system, information screen interface and bluetooth capability to work with Apple Car Play and Android too as standard features.

The Indian Scout models get various seating and backrest options as new as well as adjustable rear suspension, and adaptive LED headlight and more paint options…but that’s about it.

So if Indian are really supposed to be taking more ground off Harley-Davidson especially in the American market, then they really needed to do a bit more for potential customers to want to move onto their bikes.

Their bikes are slightly more expensive but loaded with better technology overall. Suspension is better in the baggers and tourers and the liquid cooled engine power output is really quite good. However some of their styling traits can leave them playing second fiddle to compatriot and rival brand.

The FTRs have gained lots of fans from around the world and the Scouts line up is more or less on par with the Harleys but you would think they would be working feverishly to bring some wow factor out especially after the successful 2021 that H-D just had with their new bike launches.

For sure the models they already have are great riding bikes but they are still at the expensive end too. Could they bring out budget options for this year? Could they bring out a totally new concept bike into production?

Doubtful, but all the talk of Indian making waves and taking names over the last couple of years has a real risk of fading into oblivion which would be a tragedy because at the heart of it they have great bikes and heritage and offer a viable alternative to get your meat hooks into a slice of Americana.

And don’t let the the whiskey themed bike alter your thinking as this has a hefty price tag and will not be to many rider’s liking. The days of giving away free publicity is long gone so they need to offer something new at an affordable price that being shock and awe too

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