I Rode A BMW K1600 Grand America

I get to ride the BMW K1600 Grand America and discover what a monster of the road it really is.

BMW K1600 Grand America Touring Motorcycle

BMW K1600 – I rode a BMW K1600 Grand America tourer motorcycle. And it proved to be an absolute monster. Moreover.

The K1600 Grand America is the fully equipped tourer. It has the side boxes as well as the rear top box too. Furthermore.

Whereas the K1600B is purely the bagger version but essentially is the same bike. Additionally.

But is the K1600 the right choice for me and does it suit my riding needs and wants at this stage? BMW make awesome motorcycles and their tourers are really great bikes. Further.

After riding the Grand America K1600, it was obvious there could be some issues and some things that I would have to work around too. Consequently.

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BMW K1600

BMW – Heavy & Agile

Whilst the BMW K1600 is a heavy beast of a bike, it feels really light when riding. Although the wheelbase is long too, it flicks into and out of bends effortlessly too. In addition.

The BMW K1600 B and K1600 Grand America are both speed restricted to approx 110mph. This is due to some instability at above those speeds. Furthermore.

It was only detected after the bike was released. And is thought to be as a result of the floorboards and aerodynamics and weight distribution too. Which make the front tyre seems slightly less planted.

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