How far is too far on any motorcycle adventure?

It’s late at night, thoughts swirling around in my head and I’ll be taking a ride out in freezing temperatures on dark backroads to get out and produce more content…all of this at 3am…but then I ask why?

The search for ideas never ends and experimenting with different video content is a phase which I return to regularly, but is there a point where it’s time to stop and really think whether it is the right thing to do? Believe me I ask myself this almost daily and wonder if the ideas I have for the channel and website and worth developing at all.

I look at what I produce and the themes within the motorcycling genre and check myself at every turn to make sure whatever I am doing is because I want to do it and not necessarily doing it just to get another video done or aimlessly produce content simply to fill out the schedule.

In an ideal world, and for the benefit and growth of the channels, it would be that every video I produce is instantly viewed leading to reaching a wider audience and that each viewer is as interested and engaged in the same topic as I am, but alas that is never so perfect.

Over the next two weeks there will be daily content coming out but then I’ll revert back to 3-4 videos a week. Some interesting and diverse topics and hopefully some eye openers too. The content I make, I make because I have genuine interest in doing it for myself and wish to share for you to enjoy too. Hopefully that works and you’ll keep coming back too. Cheers

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