Harley Lost Support? Are Bikers Leaving H-D

Harley Lost Support? Has there been a downturn in sales for the motor company and has the customer lost enthusiasm for the brand?

Harley Lost Support from You?

Harley Lost Support? Is American motorcycle manufacturer; Harley Davidson losing support from its traditional riders by either not investing in new bikes or leaving the brand altogether. Additionally.

Harley Lost Sales

Firstly. Harley Davidson lost support for sales this year but that is not the whole story. As their profits have remained high due to high prices and profit margins on the more exclusive bikes and high interest rates. Moreover.

Harley Lost New Customers

Secondly. So whilst others may be struggling, so far the company appears to be doing well.

Even though there are many questions about the future of the brand, it is difficult to get a clear picture especially when they celebrate their 120th anniversary. Furthermore.

Harley Lost Old School Bikers

Thirdly.However the data is showing a downward trend but does this really mean that Harley Davidson lost your support or did they ever have it in the first place? Further.

#HarleyLostSupport #H-DSales #H-DProfits

When a company announces events and celebrations, in part it is indeed to commemorate their history. However some would also state it is a game of smoke and mirrors. Companies use these side show tactics on a regular basis.

It draws you attention to somewhere else and stops you looking deeper into an area they would like to keep quiet.

Whilst this may not be HDMC’s main objective for 2023. It is interesting that the have not been boasting about their Chinese and Indian motorcycle partnerships and also exaclty how many motorcycles have been sold in those markets either.

Harley Lost Support

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