Harley-Davidson Separates Markets for 2022

As the first week of January comes to a close with some dealerships already starting to receive their new inventory for 2022, it becomes apparent that the American motorcycle manufacturer is targeting certain geographic markets with appropriate motorcycle models that are deemed better sellers.

Take for example the early model reservation models are now being listed on the Harley-Davidson websites. In the USA for example, as we already knew the Sportster Iron 883 and Forty Eight are still being sold whereas in Europe the Sportsters were phased out last year for emissions reasons…the same for the likes of Australia.

The Softails for the USA see the return of the Softail Standard which some had believed would be on the chopping block and the same for Europe and Australia. USA & Canada get the Street Bob 114, Fat Bob 114, Fat Boy 114 & the Heritage Classic, whilst in Europe the Street Bob, Fat Boy & Fat Bob remain as does the Breakout gets another chance as does the Sport Glide which many thought would be universally chopped…however as yet no sign of the Heritage…so perhaps there will be a new variant for Europe soon. Australia on the other hand get everything that Europe has got with the addition of the Heritage Classic too.

For Grand American tourers the USA retain the Electra Glide Standard which was initially rumoured as being cut, also the Road King, Street Glide and Road Glide with the 107ci engine…which again many thought would be cut. They also have the Specials with the 114ci engine too as well as the Road Glide Limited and Ultra Limited. Europe has a slightly different take, with the Road King, Road King Special, Street Glide Special and Road Glide Special, Road Glide Limited and Ultra Limited but Australia are only having the three variant Specials and the Ultra Limited.

All markets of course are still to retain the Pan America and the Sportster S with new variants expected here too.

The question remains whether these variations between markets will remain throughout the year or into new year too. Perhaps the 2021 stock chassis not sold in the USA are being farmed out to better selling markets for one last hurrah.

Given that the company have done this under the radar for the rollover bikes or rather the same 2021 bikes now under 2022 designation, it begs the question what additions will be made in the official launch and whether we will see mid season changes as perhaps in previous years too.

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