Harley Davidson Pan America Recall ahead of New Model Launch

Back in November, Harley-Davidson motor company recalled over 2,600 Pan America models for ill fitting seat bases which may be affected by faulty threaded inserts and further compounded by any grabbing of the seat or grab rail.

Motorcycle affected are those produced between 8th March – 13th October and owners were instructed to contact their local dealerships to have the remedial work carried out before Christmas.

This comes ahead of the new model line up to be announced in January 2022 with many figuring that the Revolution Max engine will be the centre of all things new. Possible new variants of both the Pan America and the Sportster S.

The Pan America has surpassed expectations and has impressed many a seasoned adventure bike rider but there are frailties that were highlighted at the very outset and rider observations and experiences have confirmed this also.

The seat and grab rails were one such area that some eye brows were raised and it is no surprise that a recall has been made for the seat base, however over 2600 units of the PA S(and another 400 of the PA) were sold before this being addressed.

The Pan America has been a great seller in the US and this is no surprise as it became the biggest selling ADV of 2021. However it is also being sold in H-D heartlands too so whilst unquestionable, the numbers should be expected. However whilst first year numbers are impressive, we should not discount second year numbers and especially the numbers from other markets where it is less likely to have such a partisan potential customer base.

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