Harley Davidson Jersey Closing?

Harley Davidson dealership, parts and suppliers in Jersey, in the Channel Islands is closing its doors for all things Harley Davidson…but why?

Jersey H-D has be going strong for 25yrs in its long standing partnership with Bikers of Jersey, but that is to be no more from January 2024.
Dealership and suppliers all over the globe have been closing or distancing themselves from the American brand for some time. In part due to poor sales in the current economic climate but also due to corporate restrictions and pressures.

A few months ago Harley Davidson was loading dealerships with an enforced premises face lift and this would be at the expense of the dealerships themselves. Leaving many wondering whether this extra expense during lean times was necessary at all.

There have also been concerns whereby corporate H-D have been favouring the large scale dealerships in favour of the smaller ones or independent suppliers too. Of course corporate identity, rebranding and restructuring is nothing new, however it does appear to have changed the Harley Davidson landscape somewhat in the last couple of years.

As for Jersey H-D who were firm favourites for Harley Davidson fans certainly over the UK and possibly into Europe as they usually offered lower prices for parts. Especially when ordering expensive or multiple parts, it would still come in cheaper than a local supplier, even with postage.

Perhaps operating under different tax laws for many years or economies of scale, made Jersey a fiend to riders but unwelcome competitor for other dealerships in Northern Europe?

This is the statement from Jersey H-D…

It is with great sadness,

I have to announce that, after more than 25 years, Bikers will no longer be working in partnership with Harley-Davidson.

This will take effect from the 1st January 2024.

As a direct result of this the sale of new parts and accessories via our website will also cease.

New orders from 30th November that are to be back ordered due to supply constraints will be cancelled and refunded as will any order that shows a delivery date to us into beyond 20th of December 2023.

Any outstanding orders at the end of the year will also be cancelled and refunded excepting those parts received that will be sent out to partially satisfy an order.

To be clear, orders will be fulfilled where we can but any items not received by us at the end of the year for dispatch to customers will be refunded.

This is not our decision and I know very many of you have built a great relationship with Tony and the team over the years through their expertise and helpfulness.

Best wishes to you all.
Jersey Harley-Davidson

The most telling part of this statement from Jersey H-D is the last paragraph in which they state it was not their decision.

What does this mean for the future of Harley Davidson motorcycling in the region? What of the future of Bikers in Jersey? Will they opt to enter a partnership with another brand?

Could this be indicative of broad corporate policy now from Harley Davidson which will finally see the end of smaller less corporate savvy dealerships and businesses and more focus towards the megastores?

It is a great shame that Bikers- Jersey H-D will be ceasing to be associated with American brand from January. I for one shall miss being able to check with them for parts and accessories especially when locally the offerings for sparce.

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