Not so hot off the press but Harley-Davidson have recently announced their new product virtual launch date to be on the 19th January 2021 for all customers around the world.

The much anticipated ADV motorcycle which is said to be the company’s main focus next year will launch on the 22nd February instead. The Pan America which the company has teased us for a couple of years is finally getting it’s reveal in an online reveal which the public can sign up to via their website and ‘Future Vehicles’ tab under ‘Bikes’

Once again H-D have teamed up with their celebrity endorser; actor Jason Mamoa of Aquaman fame so show off the qualities of the adventure bike. New images have been released showing the bike being put through its paces and with the actor revealing how thrilled he is to be collaborating with the company (Being Paid!) and also how this motorcycle matches his enthusiasm for adventure and the great outdoors.

There is no doubt that the company are really pushing this bike to the max with images, videos and celebrity endorsement but there is still little detail about the bones and sinew of this machine and how it will stack up against the rest…we will soon find out whether it can compete and if this motorcycle has missed the mark once again for the company.

Other motorcycles the company will be featuring in the online reveal show are below and which many are viewing this stripped back line up as the company tightening its resources and it struggles to survive and regain a positive foothold in all of its major markets during these difficult times.

2021 FXFBS

FatBob 114

2021 FXLRS

Low Rider S 114

2021 Road King

2021 XL1200NS

Much speculation has emerged in recent months about the fortunes of the company and which direction it is heading. Some supposing this is the American motorcycle manufacturer’s last stand for survival, whilst others view their current strategy as a trusted method of consolidating but moving forward.

Rumours have been abound with the cuts to the model line up for 2021 and the lack of new models coming through…only recently did they put the ‘Custom’, using the same Revolution Max engine as the Pan America, back onto the ‘Future Vehicles’ list. However perhaps some of the biggest and most surprising changes might indeed be found in the touring models with many changes coming in the CVOs and Ultra packages.

Interesting times ahead for the company, and whilst many inside and out of the motorcycle industry have been left scratching their heads why they delayed their new model launch until the beginning of the year 2021 whilst all others released theirs in late autumn 2020, it will certainly be an event to wet the appetite for new products and perhaps even bring new riders to the brand.

We shall see…