Gas Gas coming to the streets!

Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, best known for their off road capable machines, are now looking to expand further into street bikes…and not merely road legal off road bikes at that.

Gas Gas who now come under the Pierer Mobility Group who also own KTM and Husqvarna since 2019 are eager to move into street bikes and the lead for this will be entering track sports in MotoGP.

Pol Espargaro and Augusto Fernandez from the line up for the MotoGP team for 2023 – GASGAS Factory Racing Tech3

The company are also looking for a street bike ambassador for 2023 particularly in light of the release of the SM700

The question remains, what kind of bikes will Gas Gas produce in the future for the road application. Will there be similar bikes to what KTM and Husqvarna already produce or will they plough their own furrow?

In terms of cross fertilisation it would appear to be the logical choice to have similar bikes with shared technology however that just creates competition amongst themselves when really they should focus on external competitors.

Perhaps Gas Gas can fill the gaps where KTM and Husqvarna dare not go. Time will tell!

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