Energica Esse Esse9 2022

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Also available in Esse Esse9 + and Esse Esse9 + RS variants

Beauty doesn’t have to get in the way of practicality.

You might say that the Italian tradition of combining beautiful design with practical engineering goes back a long, long way, even to ancient Roman times. Yet this beauty is thoroughly modern, in fact, ground-breaking. New for 2022 we give you three stunning new colors but keep the anodized headlamps that have already made the EsseEsse9 an instant classic.

The Energica EsseEsse9+ shares the technology and sophistication of the EGO+ and the EVA Ribelle but is made more suitable for casual riding without the demanding hyper-performance of the other two models. The retro-style bench seat and relaxed riding position make the EsseEsse9+ ideal for two-up riding and it’s the preferred choice for long-distance electric wanderers the world over.


The Energica EsseEsse9 is powered by an internally oil-cooled, permanent magnet AC electric motor delivering 180 Nm (133 lb-ft) with our patented 13.4 kWh air-cooled battery with vertical cooling channel.
The unique design ensures that top speed can be sustained without any loss of power, and without the heat that makes summer riding on typical IC bikes so uncomfortable.

Like all our motorcycles, the EsseEsse9+ has an exclusive feature: all three charging options – Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3 and DC Fast Charge Mode 4, all provided as standard. With our new EMCE technology this means the longest range of any electric motorcycle: 420 km (261 miles) of city range, 246 km (153 miles) of combined city and highway range, and 198 km (123 miles) of extra urban riding. If you want even more acceleration, select the RS Version.

The new EMCE motor and inverter round out a relaxed, refined, easy to ride, and very, very beautiful motorcycle – yet loaded with power. Classic Italian Style.

POWER: 80 kW – 109 Hp
TORQUE: 200 Nm – 148 lb-ft
TOP SPEED: 200 km/h – 125 mph
ACCELERATION: 0-100 kmh – 0-60 mph 2.8 sec.
RANGE: 420 km – 261 miles City / 246 km – 153 miles Combined / 198 km – 123 miles Extra Urban

The choice of long-distance electric riders everywhere yet loaded with the classic Italian style and refinement that you’d happily ride from café to café.

ENERGICA EsseEsse9+ / RS

Savor more far range than any other electric motorcycle on public roads: a stunning 420 km (261 miles) for meandering through city streets, 246 km (153 miles) on call for your mixed urban and freeway travel, and 198 km (123 miles) of highspeed highways.
All this is thanks to a larger 21.5 kWh battery with 62% more capacity and a lower weight than our 13.4 kWh version. On top of this, the new EMCE motor and inverter drop weight by 10 kg (22 lbs.) with less maintenance required than ever before.
Put all this exploring capacity to use with the EVA EsseEsse9’s very comfortable retro bench seat, higher bars, and lower foot-pegs. All the better to invite a passenger to share the ride.
Obsessed with performance and off-the-line acceleration? Choose the new RS Version for 2021.



HSM (Hybrid Synchronous Motor) Liquid-Cooled 3-Phase – 300 V – 12,000 rpm with Adaptive Control Inverter

Energica unveils the new EMCE Motor and Inverter, a significant step forward in electric propulsion for motorcycles. EMCE is a wholly new HSM motor and inverter exclusively co-engineered by Energica and Mavel.
Motor and inverter now share a liquid-cooling system, resulting in a simpler and more effective design with reduced size and greater thermal efficiency. Riders will really appreciate the benefits: lighter weight and a lower center of gravity for enhanced agility; higher peak performance; increased range especially at higher speeds; and substantially reduced maintenance intervals.


Engine and inverter are 10 kg (22 lb.) lighter than our previous design, despite providing better thermal efficiency and more power, reducing EsseEsse9+ weight to 256 kg (564.4 lbs.). Handling for the motorcycle is enhanced as the smaller size also ensures a lower inertia of the motor.


Continuous power delivered by the motor is the same as before at 109 Hp / 80 kW. Together with the increased acceleration of the RS Version you have equal performance to any other brand of electric motorcycle on public roads.


Weight reduction improves range for any speed, but the real benefit is increased range at higher highway speeds thanks to greater thermal efficiency that brings lower working temperatures for the new EMCE motor. Range therefore increases from 5% to 10% according to riding style. Good news for long-distance commuters!


Fewer moving parts means less maintenance is needed than for traditional IC bikes. Our current transmission/motor oil change interval is every 10,000 km/6,000 miles. No longer. Transmission oil changes are now only every 30,000 km/18,600 miles and Motor/Inverter coolant every 45,000 km/28,000 miles. Ride and forget.

As with our other two models, the Energica EGO+ and EVA Ribelle, the RS Version is also available for the Energica EsseEsse9+.

The EsseEsse9+ RS Version has been developed with implemented Vehicle Control Unit firmware and a modified drive train to speed acceleration from a standing start all the way to the top speed. An improvement of over two-tenths of a second from 0 – 100 km (62 mph) has been demonstrated with additional time saved throughout the range until 200 km/h – 125 mph.

The existing final drive chain has been upgraded to a Regina 15/44 525 O-Ring Chain to cope with the additional acceleration. RS Decals are subtly displayed on the lower fairing. Additional accessories provided free of charge include the Rear Stand and Ergal Bobbins and Stretch Indoor Cover.


Limited at 200 km/h (125 mph)


EsseEsse9+ RS Version 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 2.8 sec (EMCE)
EsseEsse9+ 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 3.0 sec (EMCE)
EsseEsse9 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 3.1 sec


EsseEsse9+/RS 200 Nm / 148 lb-ft (EMCE)
EsseEsse9 180 Nm / 133 lb-ft


80 kW – 109 Hp


EsseEsse9+/RS City: 420 km (261 miles) – Combined: 246 km (153 miles) – Extra-Urban: 198 km (123 miles) (EMCE)
EsseEsse9 City: 200 km (123 miles) – Combined: 161 km (100 miles) – Extra-Urban: 128 km (80 miles)

New EMCE Motor provides approximately an additional 5% – 10% of range according to riding style vs. the previous motor design thanks to lower weight and greater thermal efficiency.
All range testing carried out in real-world conditions on actual road surfaces.


4 Riding Modes: Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport
4 Regenerative Maps: Low, Medium, High, Off


Back and Forth (Slow speed)



EsseEsse9+ Max 21.5 kWh / Nominal 18.9 kWh – lithium polymer
EsseEsse9 Max 13.4 kWh / Nominal 11.7 kWh – lithium polymer


1200 Cycles @ 80% Capacity (100% DOD)


on vehicle 2 years – on battery 3 years / 50.000 Km (31.000 miles)


DC Fast Charge Mode 4: 400 km/h or 6,7 km/min;
Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3: 63,5 km/h


Onboard, [110-220]V [50-60]Hz, 3 kW. Conforms to Standards SAE J1772 and IEC 62196-2 with pilot signal for charging station interface


Long Period Rest: allows the maintenance and automatic balancing of the batteries during long period of non-use


The vehicle can be configured to autonomously stop the charge at a certain level. The user can configure this function through the dashboard



Cast Aluminium: front 3.5” x 17” / rear 5.5” x 17”


Pirelli Diablo Rosso III – front 120/70 ZR17 / rear 180/55 ZR17


Steel Tubular Trellis


Cast Aluminum


Marzocchi Ø43 mm, Adjustable Rebound and Compression Damping, Spring Preload


Bitubo Rear Mono Shock Adjustable Rebound, Spring Preload


EsseEsse9 / EsseEsse9+ Regina, (16/44) 525 O-Ring Chain
EsseEsse9+ RS Version Regina, (15/44) 525 O-Ring Chain


Bosch Switchable


Brembo, Double Floating Discs, Ø330 mm, 4 Pistons Radial Caliper


Brembo, Single Disc, Ø240 mm, 2 Pistons Caliper



Cobo, 4.3” WQVGA 480×272 TFT Colour Display, integrated GPS receiver and Bluetooth communication 16.7 million colours; 9 Warning Lights; 6 + 6 Current Consumption Lights; Ambient Light Sensor; Real Time Clock; GPS 10Hz. Possibility to view the closest charging stations when connected to MYEnergica App.


Bluetooth Low Energy; long Range ENERGICA CONNECTED RIDE (optional)


A Vehicle Control Unit implementing a multi-map adaptive energy and power management algorithm manages the vehicle. It constantly monitors batteries, even in key off position.
RS version implements a dedicated mapping and parameterization to highlight the high-performing and thrilling nature of Energica, developed within the racing world.


Six levels of intervention combined with the existing eABS and the Bosch ABS


Sophisticated cruise control system that uses the electronic brake to maintain speed and increase braking energy

Dimensions & Weights


790 mm / 31,1″


1465 mm / 57,7”


2140 mm / 84,2”


870 mm / 34,25”


1152 mm / 45,35″ (mirrors not included)


EsseEsse9+/RS 260 kg (573 lbs.) (EMCE)
EsseEsse9 282 kg (621.7 lbs.)


Riviera Green
Bormio Ice
Sunrise Red

Price from: £TBD

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