Elvis Presley Motorcycle Could Break All Time Records at Auction!

Famed entertainer and icon; Elvis Presley who died in 1977 was not only a car collector but also an avid motorcycle rider too with numerous Harley Davidson bikes to his name.

The last motorcycle he purchased a year before his death was on 11th August 1976 and it was a commemorative Harley celebrating 200 years of the national status of the United States of America. The Bicentennial model, of which only 750 were ever made would be a rare find in itself, but add some Elvis to it…and you’ve got a very valuable motorcycle indeed.

The 1976 FLH Electra Glide had a 1207cc 4 Stroke engine and he ordered his with a special custom black and blue paint scheme.

Allegedly Elvis sold the bike to a dealer 3 months before he died…the reason for this is unclear. It changed hands a few times but was last auctioned in 2019 for $800,000 and it currently has just a mere 1200 miles and change on it.

The motorcycle is soon to go under the hammer again in Palm Springs, CA, USA and is heavily tipped to break all time records.

The current most expensive motorcycle was sold just a few months ago. That being a ‘Strap-Tank’ 1908 Harley-Davidson which fetched $935,000.

Could this Elvis Presley motorcycle be the first in history to break the $1million mark?

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