Electric Motorbikes Charging as Quick as Filling Up?

In the electric motorcycle world there have been two major drawbacks or rather two bones of contention from from rider internal combustion engine bikes. The first being the range and the second being how long it takes to recharge the batteries in order to continue the journey.

Not withstanding the high cost of comparable power bikes in recent years, these have been the two arguments that ICE riders have been able to gloriously win…until now that is.

More and more electric motorcycles are offering 100+ miles in range. Many now getting to 150+ miles too. So those who have ridden bikes, for the most part are usually wanting a refreshment or some form of leakage well within that kind of range. The next stumbling block has been the recharge.

So the advocates of EV would merely point to 30 min charges to 80% whilst you’re having a coffee and wait. But even this is perceived as progress inhibiting, especially in the eyes of bikers who just want to push on.

However Lightning Motorcycles from California in the US have developed a new tech ultra fast charging battery in about 10mins and claim it is as fast as refilling a tank with petrol. Well, I don’t think I agree with the comparison there but it is mightily close for sure.

Recently Lightning teamed up with Enevate to now produce this faster charging battery technology which will likely see off the likes of LiveWire and Energica with their fast charging 30min bikes.

With their prototype machine running with a 24kWh Enevate battery, they claim 10min recharging and with a range of up to 170miles at 70mph.

The question is not whether this technology will work and perhaps even improved upon but rather whether other manufacturers will join this race to produce bikes and battery tech that will recharge in less than 5mins or will the biggest challenge comes from interchangeable batteries with instant change and go capability.

The interchangeable batteries work great for smaller bikes but the tech needs to evolve much more for the larger bikes and their battery cells. Perhaps having some form of hybrid battery tech might bridge the gap in the meantime. A larger rechargeable battery in tandem with a ‘limp home’ interchangeable battery. Time will tell.

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