Ebay vs Amazon Returns Policy

Ebay vs Amazon. Which is the best option for you whether buying or selling. What becomes a vital factor in determining which you would favour. I’ve one metric. Further.

Ebay vs Amazon Debate

Returns Policy

Firstly. Ebay vs Amazon Returns Policy. For a long time I have been frustrated with Ebay for certain issues. Whilst Amazon just seems to get it right especially when wishing to return an item or product. Ebay returns always can be difficult if the seller makes life difficult, whereas Amazon take that layer of doubt out of the equation.

Not Up To Scratch

Secondly. There have been numerous times when products from Ebay shops just are not up to scratch. So you go about the process of trying to get a refund or return the item. This is where the problems start and ebay vs amazon argument begins. Furthermore.

Whilst in most cases there is the ability to return the item, it is quite cumbersome and can actually end up costing you money just to return it. Moreover

Arguing with sellers

Thirdly. Let alone the back and forth with the seller trying to prove or even justify why you want a refund or to return the item. Additionally.

Anytime I have had an issue with an ebay product or seller, it usually ended up with me having to contact ebay directly to intervene over a seller that would not accept a return or even give any money back. In addition.

Ebay vs Amazon Delivery Address

I had one particular instance where my item was delivered to another part of the country. I happened to get emailed the delivery confirmation and presented that as well.

However all they could see was that the item was delivered and would not accept it had been sent to the wrong place. Only ebay after a month of arguing my case, saw through this all and got me a refund.

But what happens to the bad seller on ebay? Do they just continue on regardless?

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