Dakar 2022 Routes & Competitors

The start of the year is synonymous with one of the greatest motorcycle challenges know to man…The Dakar.

Professional and privateer riders, along with drivers of cars, quads, trucks, SSV and light prototypes as well as those racing in classics will pit their wits, skill and test of will, desire and endurance against the harshest of conditions now being fought in the arid landscape of Saudi Arabia for the third year of its 43 years history.

Taken from Dakar.com

The launch of the event will be on 1st January and will run until the 14th with another ultra strong field of competitors and teams ready to face the ultimate test. Whilst the faces are familiar, there have been some notable changes in team line up.

Sam Sunderland; the first British winner has moved from KTM to Gas Gas, whilst Kevin Benavides has now encamped within KTM.

Whilst KTM, Honda and Husqvarna will be making considerable challenges for the podium positions, one cannot rule out Yamaha who are seeking to make an impact on the standings with their riders ADRIEN VAN BEVEREN, ANDREW SHORT and ROSS BRANCH.

The routes are:

1ASaturday, january 1, 2022Jeddah > Hail614 km | 19 km
1BSunday, january 2, 2022Hail > Ha’il514 km | 333 km
2Monday, january 3, 2022Ha’il > Al Artawiyah568 km | 338 km
3Tuesday, january 4, 2022Al Artawiyah > Al Qaysumah555 km | 368 km
4Wednesday, january 5, 2022Al Qaysumah > Riyadh707 km | 465 km
5Thursday, january 6, 2022Riyadh > Riyadh560 km | 346 km
6Friday, january 7, 2022Riyadh > Riyadh618 km | 402 km

Rest Day

Saturday, january 8, 2022
7Sunday, january 9, 2022Riyadh > Al Dawadimi701 km | 402 km
8Monday, january 10, 2022Al Dawadimi > Wadi Ad Dawasir830 km | 395 km
9Tuesday, january 11, 2022Wadi Ad Dawasir > Wadi Ad Dawasir491 km | 287 km
10Wednesday, january 12, 2022Wadi Ad Dawasir > Bisha759 km | 375 km
11Thursday, january 13, 2022Bisha > Bisha501 km | 346 km
12Friday, january 14, 2022Bisha > Jeddah680 km | 164 km

You can follow all the live timings at Dakar.com and also download the App for all the latest news and standings too.

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