Combat Motorcycles P-51 Combat Fighter 2022

Oh my goodness, what epics designs from this American bespoke manufacturer.

According to Combat Motorcycles

The P-51 Combat Fighter is our second generation of Fighter. 

CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber create the unique lines of this race-inspired motorcycle featuring either the S&S 117 or 132 cubic inch X-Wedge engine. 

As with all of our motorcycles, the finish, leather, and engine performance of the P-51 can be custom-tailored to fit the riding style of its new owner.


The P-51 Combat Fighter was the world’s first vehicle to be carved entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum, resulting in the a very robust, fatique-resistant limited edition motorcycle.

Engine: 117 cubic inch (1,917cc) 56-degree air cooled V-twin

Power: 120 bhp at 5,100 rpm

Torque: 120 ft-lb at 2,000 rpm

Chassis: Machined aluminum monocoque, massive 7 in. backbone containing fuel load 

Top Speed: Over 160mph

Suspension: Double wishbone, monoshock front suspension, cantilever monoshock rear suspension, fully adjustable

Dimensions: 62.5 in. wheelbase, 29.5 in. seat height, 560 lb (wet)

Wheels: 19 in. carbon front wheel, 17 in. carbon disc rear wheel

Tires: 120/70ZR19 front, 240/45ZR17 rear

Fuel Capacity: 3.75 US gallons/16.25 litres



Price from: $100,000

Full details and more photos at Combat Motorcycles

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