Chinese Sports Bikes Set To Take Over!

Just when we thought that the sports bike market was sewn up by the likes of the Japanese big four, Ducati or MV Agusta etc, now the Chinese manufacturers are starting to produce bikes that would threaten the status quo…and they’ve been telling us they would for a while now.

Over the last couple of years there have been growing mutterings of Chinese manufacturers wishing to produce larger displacement engine motorcycles. At first it was supposed to be in the mid size sector but then a few options started appearing in the 800-1000cc range. However rarely was there a thought that they could challenge for the top prizes…well perhaps they could be soon.

Recent reports coming out of China from the QJ Motor company give impressions of a QJ1000RR super sports bike that might be able to deliver over 200bhp.

Now, this is not all of QJ’s doing here as they entered into a collaboration with MV Agusta a couple of years ago too and whilst based on the MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR, there are significant changes to the front end, fairings and performance too.

The question here is whether this bike as it stands will ever be released presumably for the Chinese market or will this technological collaboration lead to more super dooper sports bikes and will they reach Europe and beyond. Only time will tell…

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