Cake electric features all new HP Motor

This from Cake Motorcycles

The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer have just released their brand new high performance motor that will feature in their bike products.

The Jante motor is an IPM – Internal Permanent Magnet motor which was design to be highly efficient, powerful whilst being compact and ultra reliable.

It’s lightweight, powerful and with the use of aviation grade aluminium for the casing, it certainly packs a literal punch as well as an aesthetic one too.

The drivetrain is designed to function at higher and lower voltages and can get up to speed of 62mph or 100km/p with a torque rating of 500Nm front the rear tyre. So will work great in the urban commuter or for dir bike riding rips too.

The Jante motor features “radial flux for efficiency and power, low cogging that allows smooth acceleration and precision handling at low speeds, and its air-cooled system allows high torque at high RPM.”

CEO and cofounder of CAKE: Stefan Ytterborn explained:

We are very excited to introduce our new high performance Jante Drivetrain. The Jante represents a significant advancement in CAKE’s electric motor design, providing our customers with a superior product that meets their needs for performance, efficiency, and reliability.

The biggest reason for our in-house developed motor is to take major steps forward, increasing performance for the category of lightweight electric motorcycles. At the heart of our vehicles everything is based on CAKE components that together deliver performance to the next level. We are happy to see our drivetrain technology being used in a number of bold projects. CAKE battery controller algorithms and more are already in other builds, and the new Jante is a significant addition to our drivetrain technology.

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