Buell Super Touring Motorcycle coming 2025?

Buell Motorcycles have been steadily building up an arsenal of weapons to hit the city streets and open roads over the next couple of years.

Recently announced was the Super Cruiser in association with Roland Sands but also in the mix is the Super Touring bike and scheduled for release…finally in 2025.

In a departure from American perceptions of what a motorcycle tourer should be, Buell have targeted the Sports Tourer that is more associated with European riding. Then again they are proud of their ‘Something Different – Fiercely Independent’ slogan…so this comes as no surprise.

Recently on display at the Daytona Bike Week was the latest refinements to Buell’s 1190 SuperTouring® modular superbike, slated for 2025 production. “The ST provided a great opportunity for us to hear and engage with our fanbase,” said Jacob Stark, Buell’s Engineering Specialist. “It led to exploring new ideas, experimenting, and using the ST platform to stretch our comfort zone.”

Created in collaboration with award-winning designer J. Ruiter to thrill supersport fans and tourers alike, the SuperTouring is the world’s fastest adaptive motorcycle, easily converting to a track bike in under an hour. Its latest modifications include a new modular front faring with headlamp assembly, higher handlebars, foot-forward controls, and a new seat and bags.

“We can’t wait for Bike Week 2023. Buell is back and building a strong reputation as a small, responsive company building bikes to order and providing a unique customer experience,” said Melvin. ” We’ve tuned our approach to match customer feedback and will continue making the changes that deliver the best riding experience possible.”

As the bike shares the same power plant of the sporty versions; 1190SX and the Hammerhead 1190, you can understand it sport credentials when stripped of its touring clothes.

Engine Type  ET-V2: 72° V-Twin, Liquid Cooled, Four-stroke                           
Bore x Stroke        4.17 in. x 2.66in. (106 x 67.5 mm)         
Displacement    72.6 cu in. (1190cc)
Compression Ratio.   13.4 : 1
Fuel Delivery                 Electronic Fuel injection with 2 port injectors & 2 shower head injectors
Exhaust               Primary + Secondary          
Peak Torque           101.6 ft-lbs. @ 8200 rpm (137.8 Nm @ 8200 rpm)       

Peak Horsepower        185 hp @ 10,600 rpm    

Primary Drive             Gear Drive 36/65    
Final Drive                   520 Z-ring chain, 16/41   
Clutch                             Hydraulic actuation, vacuum operated slipper 

Transmission Ratios:

1st             2.46
2nd           1.75
3rd            1.38
4th            1.17
5th            1.04
6th            0.96

Of course the dimensions will differ slightly from the other two bikes but be sure to see many similarities and common components across the range.

The 1190SX and Hammerhead 1190 are released for 2023 but it is the Super Cruiser and Super Touring motorcycles that appear to be turning many more heads towards Buell and away from contemporaries and commanders in the motorcycle space.

As with any motorcycle from inception to prototype phase and into final production, there may be subtle to major changes in components used and styling. The Super Touring has had its fair share to date, but if it can deliver as a viable tourer and sports bike alike…then it could become master of this much sought after universe.

The estimated MSRP starting from $21,995 which is for future release and most likely only available for the North American market. To date only orders can be made direct with the factory but if they can build up a network of dealerships or enter themselves into mutli-brand dealerships not only in USA & Canada but perhaps in Europe too, then Buell could be back for the biggest stage of all.

The Super Touring motorcycle is available for pre order now…but what does that get you?

“A $50 Pre-Order gets you in line to be among the first to order a new Buell Motorcycle. This is a refundable pre-order. It is not an actual order and does not guarantee delivery”

Personally I cannot wait to see how this motorcycle develops over the next couple of years and for it to finally make it out on the roads.


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