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An icon built for icons, Brough Superior’s Super Sports 100 was designed for the roaring 20’s most adventurous and fabulous lovers of beautiful mechanics and speed. A favorite of the likes of Lawrence of Arabia (who himself owned seven), the SS100 has firmly secured its place as a landmark luxury in the history of fine motors.

The “100” in SS100 stands for this special motorcycle’s maximum speed. A certificate packaged with each handcrafted bike assured the buyer that the motorcycle has been timed at 100mph or more on the quarter mile. The classic design, sleek finish, and peak performance of this model has made it the emblematic standard of Brough Bikes.

Now, this model has been modernized with the finest details. Its iconic straps are energized by their new tilt, which gives dynamic movement to the tank. The front and rear mudguards have been revamped with more fluid, sportier curves. The SS100’s headlight surround has evolved with a radius that softens its shape and echoes the evolution of the bodywork.

Each SS100 is custom built, down to the last detail and designed to soar seamlessly as an extension of the rider.

SS100 as Super Sport and 100 as 100 miles/h. The SS100 is the iconic model. It has served as the basis for such exceptional models as the Sand Racer Pendine and the SS100 Alpine Grand Sport. In terms of innovation, Georges Brough has switched from Geneva’s MAG engines to the 998 cc JAP engines, produced especially for his machines. The cycle piece fully brazed and not bolted as on some competing machines, and a fork manufactured under Harley-Davidson license by Castel Forks, a company owned by G. Brough and H. Karslake, are other notable points. Each SS100 is then sold with a certificate attesting to its guaranteed speed. Each model is assembled once, tested for its performance, then dismantled to receive the five layers of enamel and nickel plating on copper and fine gold thread.
With the SS100, G. Brough has created machines that are as beautiful to look at as they are wonderful to drive.



engine997cc watercooled dohc 88° V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder and composite chain / gear cam drive
dimensions94 mm x 71.8 mm
power102bhp (75kW) @9600rpm Euro 4 Homologation
maximum torque87Nm (64lb-ft) @7300rpm
compression ratio11 : 1
fuel / ignition systemElectronic fuel injection with Synerject ECU and 2 x 50 mm Synerject throttle bodies, each with a single injector
clutchMultiplate oil-bath clutch with hydraulic operation


frame typeMachined Titanium frame with Titanium subframe and triangles
front suspensionFior-type Aluminium casting fork with twin articulated triangular Titanium links and Preload and rebound adjustable mono-shock with 120mm travel
rear suspensionCast aluminium swingarm pivoting in engine crankcases, with monoshock adjustable for preload and rebound damping and progressive rate link with 130mm travel
head angle / trail23.365° with 93.65mm trail via 38mm fork offset
front brake4 x 230mm Beringer Stainless Steel discs with 2 x four-piston Beringer radial calipers
rear brake1 x 230mm Beringer Stainless Steel disc with 1 x two-piston Beringer radial caliper
wheelsMachined aluminium wheels (18 spokes)
front tyre120/70 – 18’’ on 3.50 inches
rear tyre160/60 – 18’’ on 4.25 inches
weight / distribution186 Kg (410 lb) split 50/50%



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