Brand new Harley Davidson for 2022. Can anyone guess what it is?

By now you may be aware that the new model launch for Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be on the 26th January and whilst there hasn’t been any official news on what we can expect, there are some indictors that have been staring us right in the face.

The Revolution Max engine that the company put into the Pan America and the Sportster S is likely to be the centre of attention again. The company released the ‘Further Faster’ mantra via social media so perhaps we’re looking at a tourer using this engine as well as likely variants for the Pan America and the Sportster S.

The engine was always designed to have multiple applications and sizes. Yes there is the 1250cc but there is also the 975 and rumoured 700 and 500cc sizes too. Could we finally see the Bronx be released at some point next year with the 975cc engine? Could we see baby brother and sister to the Pan America and Sportster S?

There is likely to be more ‘Icon’ bikes too, what they will be is anyone’s guess but just think back to some classics of the past and you’ll be on the right track. Personally I’d love to see the XLCR reborn but perhaps that would be a stretch.

As for the existing Softails and Tourers…well there is surely going to be some chops and changes there. Out go some of the motorcycles that are much loved like the Iron 1200, Softail Slim and Sport Glide…but this might only be for the US market as they are still decent sellers elsewhere.

The word on the shop floor some time ago was the Low Rider S was getting a makeover and being heavily influenced by custom incarnations from the last couple of years. There was also some convincing speculation that a new Softail would be introduced and it could also feature the Revolution Max engine too.

As the Sportsters have been phased out, it does seem appropriate that the Softails become the new bikes to wet the appetite, so perhaps reworking some design cues from the Sportsters and bringing them to the Softails might be what is likely to be the biggest announcement of all. Just look out for the Softail 48…

As for the Grand American Tourers well again there could be a movement to get the Revolution Max engine into that line up too but perhaps more likely is to release a bigger size M8 engine across the tourer and softail ranges as standard. More motorcycles are less likely to have the 107cubic inch option and possibly have the 114ci as the base model with a 117ci as a standard option. Perhaps they might be looking at a standard 131ci for the CVO or as an option for the tourers too.

Of course this is all speculation but you need only look at where the company is heading and which models are most likely to put a positive spin on the balance books to see the future of the company is heavily invested in the Revolution max engine and trimming the overlap models and those that tend not to sell that well.

By offering bigger size engines and steering more riders towards the tourers, the company can look to increase its market share and profitability too, and still have room to bring on the new technology and new models for tomorrow’s rider.

We shall find out soon

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