Brabus enter Motorcycle World: Brabus 1300R

Tuning extraordinaire company Brabus have teamed up with KTM to produce their own motorcycle that pack a hefty punch in style and performance.

The motorcycle comes in two paint schemes; Black and Black/Red (Magma Red and Signature Black) Brabus forged wheels, carbon fibre body skin and with a Brabus design heated seat.

It is based upon the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo and fitted with a 1300cc V-Twin motor generating 180hp and 103 ft-lbs torque.

This bespoke motorcycle design will have a limited run of 77 units that celebrates the number of years since Brabus was formed.

The list of specs is as impressive as it looks with interested parties able to log their pre order starting on February 14th 2022.

The 1300R comes with:

WP Apex semi-active suspension

6 Suspension modes; Sport, Track, Street, Comfort, Auto and Advanced, with the Auto function setting up the bike according to the conditions free from inter interference.

Single sided Double Exhaust (One wonders why they didn’t go for a single can)

A smothering of Brabus signature parts, covers and as much carbon as one can stand.

Much of the information was released by accident on the KTM website the other day but soon retracted and the pricing has not yet been made public, however one can only imagine that this level of quality and performance will come with an appropriate price tag too.

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