Brabus Build KTM Monster Bike

German automotive tuners have for the second time produced a monster powerful motorcycle in collaboration with KTM and only 290 bike will be made.

The New Brabus – KTM 1300 R Edition 23 is styled upon the KTM 1290 Super Duke R EVO but which some stealth fighter looks and big upgrades too.

The engine is a 1301cc – 177hp @ 8000rpm rival killer and comes in two colours: Super black and Stealth Grey with some carbon fibre body panels too.

Carbon fibre parts include: headlight shroud, fairing and side panels as well as redesigned air scoops.

It has a redesigned front with custom foot pegs and dual exhaust too. signature Monoblock Z Forged wheels, specially crafted and stitched seat, and blacked out look make this a weapon that will creep up behind any ninja and scare the poop out of the scoops.

It also comes with the latest semi active suspension: wp apex with five rider modes: comfort, street, sport, track and advanced. These can be individually selected or the rider can use an automatic mode.

There will be a total of 290 bikes made. 145 in black and another 145 in grey and it is set to be only in pre selected countries rather than be globally available. Starting price is 42,500 euros or about $46,000 depending on exchange rates.

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