BMW 1000 RR | Recall | Brake Lever Pin

BMW Motorrad in the USA have just issued a recall of the BMW 1000 RR motorcycle and the problem was caught by pure chance.

Whilst preparing for a show, engineers became aware that the brake lever on a couple of bikes was not operating properly and that full amount of braking pressure would not be available in certain riding configurations.

The fault lay within the optional milled hand brake lever and specifically the fulcrum pin that was out of specification.

Both BMW and the unnamed supplier have taken equal responsibility and have issued the recall for the very simple fix with a replacement pin that is up to spec and will allow full movement of the lever and applied braking pressure.

To this date no accidents or incidents have been reported with approx 394 motorcycles affected. Of course this is for the USA, and once again if you are outside of this market, then contact your local BMW dealership to see if your motorcycle is affected and can it be rectified.

The chronological report is as follows:

“In November 2022, during functional checks and tests in preparation for an event, BMW became aware of two
2023 BMW M 1000 R motorcycles with unusual hand brake lever movement. The unusual movement
corresponded with varying brake lever pressure. An engineering review was initiated.
Various analyses and tests were performed. A review of the engineering specifications of components of the
braking system, including the hand brake lever, was conducted. Additional motorcycle models with similar
design configurations were identified, including hand brake levers which were available as standard
equipment, factory option, and/or aftermarket accessory.
In January 2023, the review indicated that the supplier of the hand brake lever involved in the subject recall
was provided with specifications which were insufficient.
Motorcycle assembly information, supplier production records, parts supply chain and aftersales information
were reviewed to determine the number and production dates of potentially affected motorcycles.
On February 16, 2023, BMW decided to conduct a voluntary safety recall.
BMW has not received any reports, nor is BMW otherwise aware, of any accidents or injuries that may be related to this issue.”

The motorcycles affected have been produced between 4th October 2022 and 7th February 2023.

“Owners will be notified by First Class mail and instructed to take their motorcycle to an authorized BMW motorcycle dealer to have the remedy performed for free…

Notification to dealers is planned to begin and end on February 24, 2023. Notification to owners is planned to begin and end on April 18, 2023.

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